Free Fire Diamond Hack 99,999 has many implicit threats to your accounts and devices. Remove those threatening apps and try the following legal tips for free diamonds. These safe ways won't make you lose your account.

#1. FF MAX Top-Up Offers

Free Fire Max offers players many affordable diamond packs for purchasing cosmetic bundles, weapon skins, and other items. Sometimes, you also get free diamond bonuses for each pack during special events. Therefore, Gurugamer suggests Free Fire players top-up diamonds when Free Fire Max has special Offer events in the Top-Up center.

Free Fire Top Up Bonus
Receive free diamonds from the Free Fire Top-Up Bonus.

#2. FF MAX Weekly Membership

Another safe way to get free diamonds is by subscribing to FF Max Weekly Membership. Weekly Membership brings you a pack of rewards worth 425 diamonds and a bonus of 450 diamonds. It's a safe way for Free Fire players to earn free diamonds as rewards without taking risks from Free Fire Diamond Hack 99,999.

#3. FF Max Monthly Membership

Apart from the Weekly Membership, Free Fire Max also offers players a Monthly Membership subscription for free diamond rewards. Then, you can get 2600-diamond-worth rewards plus 3500 diamonds for free. In addition, Monthly membership rewards also include:

  • Member icon;
  • Weapon skin gift box;
  • Discount Store privilege;
  • 5x second chance;
  • 60x universal EP badge.

Open the game, log in, and tap the Membership icon to subscribe to the desired Membership category. Besides, you need some tips to use diamonds wisely to make more free diamonds.

Free Fire Membership
Subscribe to Memberships to get diamond rewards.

#4. Climb the Ranked Ladder

Improve your survival skills and try to win more games to rank up and unlock high-tier diamond rewards. Every Booyah can refill your diamond wallets and give you attractive rewards, especially when you subscribe to Premium Battle Pass in Free Fire. You can use your Diamond to unlock the Premium Pass and get Diamonds back by ranking up in this Pass.

Free Fire Rank Rewards
Rank up to claim in-game rewards.

#5. Join the Guild Party

Free Fire players can also participate in Guild Party's activities like Custom matches and Clash Squad matches to earn Guild rewards. It's more challenging and exciting to play with real players in these custom rooms. Moreover, you can earn some limited diamond codes for free Diamonds for winning custom matches. It's not only safe but also fun to earn diamonds from Guild activities.

Join A Guild
Earn rewards from Guild events.

#6. Redeem the Codes

Free Fire Max also gives away lots of valuable rewards and free Diamonds through daily redemption codes. You should stay updated to get valid codes for these legal and free Diamonds and redeem them on the Redemption page of Free Fire Max. You can find these codes easily to redeem and claim free rewards in the in-game mailbox.

These are the best ways to get free Diamonds safely without Free Fire Diamond Hack 99,999. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for Free Fire players on

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