Kairos recently joined Free Fire as the newest character.

The interesting character may change how Free Fire is played with his special ability called Defense Breaker. Knowing when to switch between his modes is really important. When used smartly with other characters, Kairos can help his team win battles by giving them big advantages.

So apart from obtaining Kairos for free, you may want to learn the best Kairos skill combination to best your gameplay.

Defense: Kairos + Miguel + J.Biebs + Chrono

Chrono Free Fire
Use Chrono's ability to defend, combining with Kairos will do wonders.
  • Kairos: Automatically generates EP, essential for maintaining breaker mode.
  • Miguel: Provides 200 EP immediately upon downing an enemy, helping quickly refill Kairos’s EP.
  • J.Biebs: Uses EP to reduce damage taken by 12%, enhancing survivability in fights.
  • Chrono: Offers a shield for additional protection and enables strategic aggressive moves.

To create the best skill combos for Kairos in defense mode, start by using Kairos's ability in the first slot. While Kairos can automatically generate EP in defense mode, it takes time to fill completely and activate the breaker mode.

To reduce this duration, use Miguel's ability in the next slot, which grants 200 EP immediately when you down an enemy. This allows you to quickly regain EP and continuously benefit from Kairos's ability.

For the next two slots, incorporate Jebbs and Chrono's abilities. J.Biebs will use your EP to reduce the damage you take by 12%, making it easier to manage your defense while dealing more damage to enemies. With the combined EP generation from Kairos and Miguel, maintaining your EP will be straightforward.

Lastly, Chrono's ability provides a shield and additional safety, enabling you to defend effectively and make strategic moves.

Long range/Snipers: Kairos + Maro/Rafael + Andrew the Fierce + K

kairos skill combo
The best Kairos skill combo for long range or sniper players.
  • Kairos: Increases damage to enemy's helmet, vest, and shield, making it easier to down opponents.
  • Maro (for AR users): Boosts damage by 25%, further increasing effectiveness against enemy armor.
  • Rafael (for snipers/marksmen): Allows silent shots, preventing enemies from detecting your location.
  • Elite Andrew: Reduces damage taken, providing extra defense during engagements.
  • K: Fills EP quickly and converts it to HP, ensuring you can sustain through long-range and close-range fights.

Kairos's ability increases the damage dealt to an enemy's helmet, vest, and shield.

Combining this with Maro's ability further boosts your damage by 25%, making it easier to defeat enemies. Rafael's ability allows you to take down enemies silently without revealing your location.

In the next slot, use Elite Andrew's skill, or if unavailable, normal Andrew's ability, to reduce the damage you take from enemies, enhancing your defense. In the last slot, use K's ability in the active slot. This combination with Kairos will fully charge your EP and then convert it to HP, aiding in health recovery.

Rusher: Kairos + Hayato + Luna + Tatsuya

This Kairo combination ensures high damage output, increased rate of fire, and enhanced defense, making it a perfect setup for rushers who engage in both short and long-range combat.

Kairos Hayato Luna Tatsuya
This Kairos skill combo boosts damage output, fire rate, and defense, perfect for versatile rushers.
  1. Kairos: Increases damage to enemy's helmet, vest, and shield.
  2. Hayato: Further penetrates enemy armor, making it easier to defeat them.
  3. Luna: Increases your gun's rate of fire, effective in both short and long-range fights.
  4. Tatsuya: Enhances aggressive rushing and close-range combat.

For Battle Royale mode, use Luqueta's Ability to increase your HP by 50 after two kills. For Clash Squad mode, use Wolfrahh's Ability to reduce incoming damage.

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