Garena usually releases a new character or two with every "OB" update, and looks like OB35 is not an exception to this rule. The identity of the first character has already been revealed, however - Free Fire is going to have a collaboration with singer Justin Bieber, as part of the upcoming anniversary event. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best characters to combo with J.Biebs in Free Fire OB35.

1. Andrew ''the Fierce''

  • Armor damage reduction boosted by 11%. Additional 15% damage reduction from every teammate carrying this skill.
Andrew Awakening Free Fire
Andrew Awakening has pretty much the same function as J.Biebs' skill.

Elite Andrew's passive works fairly similar to J Biebs and also benefits from every team member using it. When combined together, the whole squad would be tankier than ever, which can be a huge advantage in Free Fire combat.

2. Luqueta

  • Every kill increases the max HP by 25, up to 50.

As Luqueta's passive increases players' HP, it benefits a lot from damage reduction. This is where J Biebs' ability comes in - players with both skills would be really hard to kill.  At the max level, you only need 2 kills to get the full amount. It is fairly decent in the BR mode because getting 2 kills is not a hard requirement. With a higher max HP pool, you should be able to deal with enemies much more easily.

Free Fire Luqueta
Luqueta's bonus Max HP will be gone at the start of each round in Clash Squad

3. Miguel

  • Gain 80 EP for each kill.

The weakness of J Biebs' passive is that you need to have EP for the damage reduction effect to trigger. Because of that, having Miguel's passive is a good idea, as you can burn the free EP gained pretty easily that way.

Free Fire Miguel
Players can gain EP from knocking down foes.

4. Homer

  • Releases a drone towards the nearest enemy within a 100m frontal distance, creating a 5m-diameter pulse explosion which reduces movement speed by 60% and firing speed by 35%. Lasts for 5s. Creates 25 damage. CD: 90s.

Homer is the new character of OB34 and the most broken character in Free Fire to date. Overall, this skill is perfect for rusher builds and is very effective when enemies are sticking together at close range.

F1af7 16534882936804 1920
His ability has a fairly long cooldown, however.

5. Alok

  • Create a 5m aura that increases moving and sprinting speed by 15% and restores 5 HP/s for 10 seconds. CD 50s. The effect cannot be stacked.

Speed and healing are always useful in all situations, and solo vs squad is not an exception to this rule. With Alok's ability equipped, you would be able to rotate and flank faster when needed, while having a little bit of regeneration and speed boost.

Dj Alok
Alok is the best DJ in Free Fire currently.

The lower cooldown of the skill allows you to participate in fights constantly, with minimal downtime. This can't be said for a lot of active abilities in the game.

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