The OB35 update is going to be big, and because of that, fans have been hyping a lot for the Free Fire OB35 Advance Server. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a list of all changes in the server, including the new mystery characters, Hoot pet, and more!

1. Two new mystery characters

Garena usually releases a new character or two with every "OB" update, and looks like OB35 is not an exception to this rule. The identity of the first character has already been revealed, however - Free Fire is going to have a collaboration with singer Justin Bieber, as part of the upcoming anniversary event.

There was another character named Anitta revealed in the South American servers, but it looks like she is not going to be added to the global version.


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J.Biebs character in Free Fire OB35 Advance Server
  • Ability: Silent Sentinel - Allies within 12m can block 15% damage using their EP. In this case, the amount of EP deducted from allies will be added to the skill user EP. 

J.Biebs is a man who wants to unite a fractured world. Through his childhood experiences, he learned that the answer to people’s problems is not money or power but the actual connection between people. He has decided to use his singing skills to dedicate his life to reunite the world.

This character is based on Justin Bieber, with an aura-like ability that allows teammates around him to block damage using EP. J.Biebs gain the EP consumed by this skill.

Overall, this is a highly useful skill in squad mode, as teammates sticking together would gain a 15% damage reduction. However, it might be hard to play around with, as a 12-meter radius is not exactly big.

Mystery character

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Mystery female character
  • Ability: Wall Brawl - This is an active skill that allows users to attack Gloo Walls to mark enemies within 5 meters of them. Afterward, the enemy would take damage if you destroy the Gloo wall. Duration: 5s, Cooldown: 55s. Affect 3 Gloo Walls maximum.

Overall, this ability is Garena's latest attempt to nerf Gloo Wall combat, as it is pretty much the only type of meta that people have been using in Free Fire. In comparison with other shooters, the ability to create a cover at any time, anywhere is just too powerful. With this skill, players can mark and destroy Gloo Walls to damage enemies hiding behind it. Players might need to think twice before deploying walls now.

2. New owl pet - Hoot

Hoot is a flying owl pet with a passive skill named "Far Sighted". It adds a 10m range when using scanning items and skills, while also increasing the duration of scans. At the highest level, the duration of scanning items is increased by 2.5 seconds.

E9e34 16572138062605 1920
New Hoot pet in Free Fire OB35 Advance Server

Overall, this pet is going to be moderately useful, especially in combination with the Clu character. Her skill, Tracing Steps, locate the positions of enemies within 75m who are not in a prone or squat position. With the pet, the range would increase to 85m and the duration would increase to 12.5s.

3. New weapon Bizon

Bizon is going to be the new weapon of OB35. It is an SMG with great damage in exchange for low stability and high recoil. The gun can be modified with all types of attachments, including muzzles and scopes.

In real life, the Bizon is based on the AKS-74 and features a 60% parts commonality with the AK-74 assault rifle. This is probably why the gun shares the same "high damage, low accuracy" trait. It also has a pretty low magazine size - players need to equip the extended magazine for the weapon to be more effective.

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New weapon Bizon

4. Better UI in Free Fire OB35 advance server

In OB35, the user interface (UI), as well as the font, have undergone significant improvements. They are more accessible and attractive now, making the visuals much cleaner and more streamlined. The aftermatch UI has also been improved, with more information available.

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Better UI and font

5. New game modes

Multiple game modes have also been added to the OB35 Advance server:

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New game modes
  • Coin Clash: Players can now collect FF coins from random spawns on the ground or from eliminating enemies. These coins can later be used to purchase items from Airdrop vending machines or revive teammates.
  • Free For All: In this mode, a number of players will spawn randomly on the El Pastelo map and fight against each other. The first one to get 30 kills win the match.
  • Droid Apocalypse: This is more or less a zombie mode that puts the human team against the droid team. The human team can use guns while the droid team only has melee attacks. A human would turn into a droid if killed by one.

Additionally, Garena has also added a new "Smart Throw" feature, which aims to allow new players to place Gloo Walls more easily.

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