Garena usually holds a big event to celebrate Free Fire's birthday every year, and this year, it is even bigger than usual. The company has been on a partnership spree since the beginning of 2022, with BTS, Assassin's Creed, and now, they have announced a collaboration with Justin Bieber to commemorate the anniversary.

The 5th anniversary's theme is going to be Reunite the World. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase all information available so far about the Free Fire x Justin Bieber collab, including the event and the new character.

About Free Fire x Justin Bieber collab

This anniversary event is going to be the biggest to date. This year’s festivities will bring back players’ most favorite themed content, exclusive rewards and giveaways, as well as a series of collaborative events and activities, both in-game and beyond.

Free Fire x Justin Bieber collab

“I’m excited to partner with Garena Free Fire to have this opportunity to entertain my fans across the globe,” said Justin Bieber. “This collaboration with Free Fire has allowed us to explore various dimensions in which we can integrate my music with games and I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy what we have worked hard on behind the scenes.”

Free Fire will host its first-ever in-game performance on 27 August, with Justin Bieber set to debut an exclusive track as part of the 5th anniversary celebrations. Players can look forward to immersing themselves in an interactive set-up, groove along to custom emotes, participate in minigames and potentially even perform with Justin Bieber’s avatar on stage.

“The tremendous support we have received from our global community of fans and players over the years has made Free Fire what it is today and this celebration is for them,” said Harold Teo, Producer of Free Fire, Garena. “We are excited and humbled to partner with a global icon such as Justin Bieber, whose influence in fashion and music has undoubtedly inspired many worldwide, including our Free Fire community which expresses their own creativity through battling in style. Free Fire’s 5th anniversary celebrations will be the biggest yet and I’m sure the lineup of events we have planned will thrill our fans and players.”

Free Fire new character J Biebs


Similar to the previous collaborations, Justin Bieber is also going to make his debut in Free Fire as a brand new character named J Biebs. It is unsure if the name of the character is going to be like this in all servers, as Garena has the tendency to change it on release.

"J Biebs is a man who wants to unite a fractured world. Through his childhood experiences, he learned that the answer to people's problems is not money or power but the actual connection between people. He has decided to use his singing skills to dedicate his life to reunite the world."

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The character looks rather plain in comparison with other Free Fire collabs.


Justin Bieber's skill is a passive called Silent Sentinel. It allows all characters in an area of 12 meters around the player to block up to 15% of upcoming damage with their EP. The deducted EP from allies will be added to the user's EP pool.

Level Ability
1 Allies within 6 meters can block 7% damage taken using their EP.
2 Allies within 8 meters can block 7% damage taken using their EP.
3 Allies within 8 meters can block 10% damage taken using their EP.
4 Allies within 10 meters can block 10% damage taken using their EP.
5 Allies within 10 meters can block 15% damage taken using their EP.
6 Allies within 12 meters can block 15% damage taken using their EP.

By leveling the skill, players gain a bigger AoE and higher damage reduction. Overall, the character is designed for team play, with a passive that blocks damage taken by teammates. It is unclear if the skill can affect the user of the passive or not. Furthermore, as the EP used by the skill does not disappear and just gets distributed around, the user can gain the benefits for free if all teammates use it.

They would still need to stay within 12 meters of each other, however, so this skill is not without weaknesses.

Which character to combo with J Biebs?

The new Justin Bieber character is completely focused on teamplay.

Andrew ''the Fierce''

  • Armor damage reduction boosted by 11%. Additional 15% damage reduction from every teammate carrying this skill.

Elite Andrew's passive works fairly similar to J Biebs and also benefits from every team member using it. When combined together, the whole squad would be tankier than ever, which can be a huge advantage in Free Fire combat.


  • Gain 80 EP for each kill.

The weakness of J Biebs' passive is that you need to have EP for the damage reduction effect to trigger. Because of that, having Miguel's passive is a good idea, as you can burn the free EP gained pretty easily that way.


  • Every kill increases the max HP by 25, up to 50.

As Luqueta's passive increases players' HP, it benefits a lot from damage reduction. This is where J Biebs' ability comes in - players with both skills would be really hard to kill.

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