With every new patch, Garena buffs and nerfs characters in Free Fire in order to make the game more balanced. They have been pretty successful for the most part, with players using more character skills instead of just the usual Chrono shield on everyone. However, there are a number of characters that are still overlooked and need changes.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 4 weakest characters in Free Fire OB34 that need to be buffed.

1. Shani

  • Gear Recycle: Restore armor durability after every kill. Extra durability can upgrade your armor, up to level 3.

Garena has buffed this skill before but it is still not enough. This ability should restore more armor durability - at least 50 per kill instead of just 30.


While this ability is definitely useful, the effects are just weak and not worth the trouble. You have to make a kill for the ability to take effect... and even at max level, it takes quite a few to upgrade your armor. It is best to just pick up a new armor somewhere on the battlefield instead of relying on Shani's skill.

2. Kenta

  • Swordsman‘s Wrath: Forms a frontal shield of 5m width that reduces 65% weapon damage coming from the front. Lasts for 5s and resets when the user fires a shot. CD: 70s.

At first glance, Kenta's ability looks useful - it blocks some damage similar to Chrono's shield and players can even move while using it. However, when it comes to actual usage in combat, the skill is super useless. It can't block all damage, last for only five seconds, and has a cooldown of 70.

Kenta is the second swordsman added to the game after Hayato.

The biggest weakness of the ability is that it automatically deactivates when the user fires a shot. It only works when playing as a team, and even then, you need to stop firing to use. Garena should remove the firing restriction to make the skill useful.

3. Kla

  • Muay Thai: Fist damage increased 400%.

Kla's Muay Thai increases the damage dealt by his fist. At max level, it quintuples Kla's fist damage - one punch with Kla's ability would be the equivalent of 5 normal punches. Muay Thai alone makes unarmed combat viable in Free Fire - you can move incredibly fast while holding no weapons.


However, this only works in low-skill games. Overall, Kla's ability is just a meme skill that has no usage whatsoever in a serious game. Garena need to completely remake the skill.

4. Joseph

  • Ability: Movement speed increased by 20% for 1 second upon taking damage.

Overall, Joseph's ability is not that useful. Players only get the extra speed when talking damage, which pretty much has no uses except for defensively. Even in aim duels or close range fights, the 20% bonus speed only gives you a marginal advantage at best, which can be easily overcome if enemies have more useful abilities.

To fix Joseph, Garena should definitely increase the numbers or duration of the skill or both. Nutty Movement would definitely be worth using if the number was 50% or the duration was 3 seconds.

Joseph Free Fire
Joseph is a very underrated character in Free Fire

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