Garena has been releasing a number of new weapons into Free Fire. While some of them are just average, others are actually pretty powerful and can even contest against the best weapons in the game. However, the average Free Fire player usually underestimate these guns, as they are more familiar with the like of M4A1 and AK. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 8 underrated weapons in Free Fire that players should use more.

1. Charge Buster

The Charge Buster is a futuristic shotgun, along the line of futuristic weapons like the CG 15. It has a special ability that allows players to hold the fire button to charge a shot. The charged shot has increased damage, range, and lower spread. However, constantly holding the button is not an option, as charges reset when players surpass the threshold.

Similar to the Plasma gun and Treatment sniper, the Charge Buster has unlimited ammo.

On the hand of a skilled player, the Charge Buster can surpass the M1887 in damage and effectiveness. However, as its fire rate is slower than both the M1887 and M1014, skill is required to use this weapon effectively. When charged, one shot is enough to instantly kill a target. Additionally, players can use this weapon to destroy vehicles and gloo walls when needed, as it deals a lot of damage to them.

2. MAC10

MAC10 is yet another fast SMG added to Free Fire. Its pre-attached silencer allow players to get the drop on foes early on in the game. It is a great alternate for the UMP, especially in the early phases of the match when players want to hide their locations. The damage potential of the MAC10 is fairly decent, as it has an innate armor penetration stat. Combine that with its high fire rate, players can deal decent bodyshot damage as long as they can hit all their bullets.

The low magazine size is the main weakness of the MAC10 - missing shots is fairly punishing.

Mac10 Free Fire
The silencer of the MAC 10 give players an edge in pitched battles.

3. G36

The new G36 assault rifle is the second weapon with 2 modes, however, unlike the M4A1, the switch changes its range instead. G36 users can toggle between the close-range Assault mode and the mid-range Range mode, with each mode providing certain bonuses to fire rate and damage. By switching modes in combat, players should be able to deal with various situations that might happen in battle.

The G36 is useful in the early and late phases of the game, where close-range combat is common.

3. AC80

The new AC80 gun in Free Fire OB29 is a special DMR with the ability to deal extra damage on two continuous shots. It is actually one of the most damaging weapons in Free Fire, rivaling other sniper rifles like the Woodpecker or the AWM.

Fury Tribe Ac80 In Free Fire 1
The AC80 is a pretty high-skill weapon, as it requires players to hit 2 sniper shots in a row.

In order to use the AC80 more effectively, a sniper build with Maro, Laura and Rafael is recommended. It is best to use this gun as the sole sniping weapon. If you change the weapon after firing a shot, the extra damage boost is lost.

5. Kingfisher

The Kingfisher Assault Rifle is a mid-range weapon with an average damage per shot and just an OK effective range, not comparable to M4A1 and Groza. The upside of this weapon is that it has a pretty fast rate of fire and it is quite accurate in mid-range fights. The weapon can attach a Muzzle, Stock, and a Foregrip to give it more accuracy, range, and stability.

Kingfisher Free Fire
The Kingfisher Free Fire only has 20 bullets and can't attach a magazine

The weapon has a pre-attached x2 scope but you can still attach an x4 scope or a Thermal scope. The magazine size of this weapon is actually way smaller than most other Assault Rifles in Free Fire - it only has a 20-rounds magazine and it cannot attach an additional magazine. Therefore, players need to conserve ammo and try to be as accurate as possible.

6. Mini Uzi 

The Mini UZI is the lightest SMG in Free Fire and is the first SMG to use Pistol ammo. While its damage, range and magazine size are super low, its movement speed and high fire rate more than make up for that. Players can easily spam the whole magazine of the uzi before enemies even realize they are taking damage.

Free Fire Lethal Finstooth Mini Uzi 2
Players need to be careful when using this weapon as its range is really short.

The Mini Uzi is actually the lightest weapon in the game - it allows players to move faster than holding melee weapons.

7. M24

The M24, a new light sniper rifle, will be making its way to Free Fire. The weapon has a good rate of fire, decent damage and excellent mobility. Players can easily deal chip damage to opponents using it. Its best feature, however, is the lower weight compared to all other sniper rifles. With the M24, players can run around at near max speed - the extra mobility helps a lot in the mid game.

03ff4 16532189020305 1920
The accuracy and range of the M24 are on par with other snipers. However, its armor penetration is pretty low.

8. Treatment Sniper

Overall, this gun is a method of free instant healing so that teammates could get back into combat right away. The target gains HP instantly, which is much faster than a medkit. However, it cannot be used when overheated. Outside of the healing mechanic, the Treatment sniper is no slough in an actual shootout, as it has decent damage, range and accuracy. It also has better mobility than most sniper or assault weapons, with a very high movement speed stat.

Ice Bones Treatment Sniper Weapon Royale
Treatment Sniper also has no need for ammo, which saves inventory space for players to do something else.

Overall, it is a pretty decent item in squad mode. Players might want to switch to a new weapon if they are playing solo.

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