Free Fire is one of the most customizable shooter games, with players being able to build their loadout using character skins, weapon skins and pets. While often overlooked, pets are powerful and possess unique skills that no normal character would have.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 underrated pets for Free Fire Battle Royale mode in OB34.

1. Zasil

The new pet Zasil is a baby axolotl with the ability to duplicate players' Inhaler, Med Kit or Repair Kit. At level 1, every time players use one of those items, there's a chance that they would get an extra copy of the item for Free.

New axolotl pet Zasil
New axolotl pet Zasil allow players to get more healing items for free.

This skill seems to be overpowered at first glance, however, it is actually pretty weak. On top of the percentage-based activation, it also has a long cooldown of 120 seconds. Getting a free medkit every 2 minutes is just a minimal bonus that doesn't affect the game much in the long run. you can't even accumulate a high number of them, as you need to use an item to trigger the skill.

2. Agent Hop

The Free Fire Agent Hop pet has a passive ability called Bouncing Bonus, which gives the player EP whenever the zone shrinks.

Agent Hop Pet 2
The new Agent Hop Pet can provide a lot of EP.

Overall, Agent Hop is a very solid pet. On average, the safe zone will shrink about 4 to 5 times, which means you can get about 200 EP to 250 EP a match from this pet. This pet will be a great source of EP for characters such as K. Overall, Agent Hop alone can provide enough EP for almost the whole match, allowing to regenerate all the chip damage.

3. Moony

Moony is the third flying pet in Free Fire. It is an alien wearing a hip-hop costume while sitting on a flying saucer. His ability is a passive skill called Paranormal Protection. This name is rather weird, as Moony is an alien and not a supernatural creature. With this pet equipped, the owner would take up to 20% less damage while in an interaction countdown (using Medkit, repairing...etc).

Moony Pet
Moony's ability might seem useless at first, but its effect is actually pretty decent.

While this ability might sound useless, it actually has some niche usage in this fast-paced meta. For example, if you are healing using medkit in the middle of combat with Maxim's skill, even if enemies catch up, the bonus damage reduction would still give you an edge.

4. Dr. Beanie

Dr. Beanie's skill is a passive ability called "Dashy Duckwalk". It buffs the movement speed while crouched by 30/45/60% at level 1/2/3. As snipers usually crouch when firing, Dr. Beanie is actually pretty useful.

Dr Beanie duck Dashy Duckwalk
Dashy Duckwalk allows players to sneak around faster, which could be useful in hiding footsteps.

Crouching has always been useful in Free Fire. It gives the player a lower profile and makes it hard for enemies to hit them (especially if they are on higher ground). Furthermore, it also reduces the sounds your footsteps make. The only thing that balances it is the lower mobility while crouched. Players are slowed down 50% compared to normal movement speed.

5. Sensei Tig

At Level 3, Sensei Tig can reduce the duration of enemies' man-marking skills by 60%. So even if you got marked by Elite Moco, the maximum mark duration is only 5 seconds if you constantly moving. Moco has always been a really popular character choice for many players because she is free and she is strong. This pet will be a great counter to her.

Free Fire Tiger Pet
The ability of this pet can counter characters with a tracking ability in Free Fire.

As for Shirou, his skill will only last 3 seconds. It is not sure how this pet will interact with Clu's skill though because her skill continuously scans the area around her for 7 seconds.

6. Beaston

Coming to the game with the Helping Hand skill, the giant baboo with his strong arms and increase the distance of throwing weapons like smoke, grenades, or flashbang by up to 30% percent. This will give the player a huge advantage in the game as you can give more damage to enemies without getting too close to them.

Pet Beaston
Players should get more grenades to use if they have Beaston equipped.

Overall, this would actually increase your chance of hitting enemies with a grenade, as usually the main reason for missing one is that the target is too far. Only Flash and normal Grenades would benefit from this, as you usually use Gloo and Smoke on targets in your vicinity. Overall, this is useful in both solo, squad and even clash squad, as a good player would use their grenades all the time.

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