Free Fire's Kalahari map is very different from the other maps in the game - it is smaller and has more levels of terrains, enforcing 3-dimensional combats. Matches on Kalahari are usually shorter than that of Bermuda and Purgatory. Therefore, in order to win in Kalahari, picking the right landing spot is vital.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a guide for the best drop locations in Free Fire Kalahari map 2022.

1. Refinery

If players are looking for the best weapons on the Kalahari map, the Refinery should be their primary option. It can be found in the center of the map and is one of the biggest hotspots at the beginning of the game. After beating the initial landing, players should be able to get a sniper rifle and camp. The oil extracting platform refinery is probably the best sniper spot on the map - it is in the middle and on high ground.

The Refinery is probably the best vantage point on the map - suitable for both rushing and camping

The amount of loot on the Refinery is also pretty decent - squads will have no problem getting enough gear for all members. To get off the refinery, just take the numerous zip lines placed on its edge. This is also a big advantage for the teams who managed to claim this position, as it allows players to rotate easily based on the circle location.

2. Foundation

While the Foundation does not have many high tier items, it makes up for quality with quantity. Being a rural building complex, the foundation is in a vast, flat area with many buildings. It is safer than Refinery, but not by much, as many players would still be landing here.

The foundation is a rather big complex with a lot of rooms to explore.

Due to the flat terrains, enemies can definitely snipe players from afar. It is vital to remain vigilant at all times and prepare to get into cover when needed. Later on, players can rotate to Refinery or toward the circle.

3. Mammoth

This is probably the weirdest looking site on the map, with a giant skeleton that doesn’t belong to any real animal hanging next to a hill. This location lies in the southwest corner of the map – it won’t get too much traffic. You would have to climb onto the top of the hill nearby and jump to the spine of the skeleton. From there, you would get a decent vantage point over everything nearby. Defending the location is pretty easy, as there is only one way to get to it.

Mammoth 1
The unusual bones of a giant creature

Loot wise, Mammoth has a lot of tents, which contain various low to mid tier gear. Drops can also spawn in the open terrain, allowing players to stock up for combat.

4. Bayfront

Another popular location - while it does not have the high ground of the refinery, the Bayfront more than made up for it with its high loot quality. The tower in the middle has a high chance to spawn a sniper rifle. The number of spawns on this location is not that small either - players can clear out a great number of structures.

The tower in the middle of the location has excellent drop that players should try to get.

However, due to the nature of the buildings in this location, enemies could come from a lot of angles and you would not be able to see them coming.

5. Maze

The Maze is a great location if players want to fight at close range. It is located on the west side of the map, with a zipline heading toward the center.

Safest 1024x576
The maze is true to its name.

The walls in the maze provide a good deal of cover, allowing players to loot for weapons and other items more easily. There are also a decent number of drops in the wrecked buildings that players can clear out.

6. Command Post

Another crowded place – only land here if you are prepared for some early fights immediately after hitting the ground. While there is plenty of loot scattered all over the place inside the tents and houses, the Command Post is known for its heavy weapon drop and armor kit drop. Unlike Refinery, this is not a good place for campers to land.

The command post has a lot of covers - prepare for close-quarters actions when infiltrating

7. The Sub

The Sub features a broken submarine that is situated to the west of the map. Overall, it is pretty weird to see a submarine stranded in the middle of the desert. There is a decent amount of loot scattered in the area around the sub and on top of it.

The Sub
The sub is very tricky to survive but also very rewarding. 

The location has great elevation, perfect for snipers to camp. Be careful when jumping, however – you would fall to your death with a missed jump.

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