Homer is the newest character added to Free Fire in OB34. His skill is both unique and powerful - it summons a drone that damages and slows enemies. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best characters to combo with Homer in Free Fire OB34.

1. Hayato Firebrand

While the drone seems to be a long range ability, its slow benefits rushers the most. The skill damages enemies in an area and reduce both their movement speed and fire rate, allowing players to out damage them in close quarter. In this type of scenario, Hayato Firebrand's ability is perfect.

Hayato Firebrand Free Fire Official Story 4 20 Scr
Hayato Firebrand has been a top pick ever since his skill is changed into a passive.

The first component gives the user more damage by increasing armor penetration, and the second gives user damage reduction. Both these effects scale based on HP and are very useful in melee fights where both parties shoot at each other.

2. Jota

When it comes to aim duels in close range, Jota is a great "clutch" character who allows you to gain HP in the middle of combat. When using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user, and knocking down an enemy recovers 20% maximum HP.


This skill used to be near useless, being applicable to only shotguns. However, Garena decided to buff it to a useful level after players complained.

3. Elite Moco

Elite Moco has the ability to tag enemies shot for 5 seconds. Extend the duration by up to 6.5  the longer they move. This tracking allows players to use Homer's drone much easier.

Moco is used universally among all pro players in Free Fire simply because her ability is just too good. Knowing the location of the enemies will give a lot of strategic advantages and prevent them from being able to escape. This is especially useful in team games, where enemies move as a group.

Garena Free Fire Moco Rebirth
Moco Awaken is always the go-to option for all players.

4. Shirou

Shirou's ability tracks players who shot you and gives you bonus armor penetration for your first hit against them. While the tracking part is rather useless up close, the bonus AP is not. You can deal incredible damage with a shotgun or DMR while using them in tandem with this ability. When you get sniped, it is pretty easy to just follow the tracking to release your drone.

Shirou is useful in both long and short range.

Just don't use Shirou's skill alongside "spam" weapons like the MP40 or P90, as its bonus would be negligible.

5. Luqueta

Luqueta's kill can increase your Max HP whenever you get a kill, up to 50 Max HP. At the max level, you only need 2 kills to get the full amount. It is fairly decent in the BR mode because getting 2 kills is not a hard requirement. With a higher max HP pool, you should be able to deal with enemies much more easily.

Free Fire Luqueta
Luqueta's bonus Max HP will be gone at the start of each round in Clash Squad

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