Alok is one of the most commonly used characters in Free Fire MAX, and that has not changed at all in the last few years. However, some characters have been added to the game and others have had their skills changed. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 6 characters to combo with Alok in Free Fire 2022.

1. Hayato Awaken

Even though Hayato Awaken is a free-to-play character, his ability is extremely useful in a fight. For each 10% HP he loses, he gains additional armor penetration as well as frontal damage reduction. This ability can throw off a lot of players, giving you the upper hand during critical moments.

Hayato Awaken
Hayato Awaken

2. Leon

Leon's skill recovers HP after engagement in combat. Being a passive skill, it can be combined with pretty much all skills in the game, from long to close range. Buzzer beater is very effective against chip damage - a combination of Buzzer Beater and EP could get you to full pretty quickly.

Free Fire Leon
Leon is great if you like to go in and out of combat.

The best characters to combo with Leon with this kind of playstyle are Chrono, Alok, K and Jota. Their skills are excellent in chaotic team fights, especially Jota, after the big boost in OB29. You can now gain HP with Jota while engaging... then gain even more HP with Leon after disengaging. You can also double down on healing and skills like Xayne or Kapella for the extra HP.

3. Thiva

His ability is a passive skill called Vital Vibes. It increases the rescue speed for downed teammates by 20% at max level... and upon a successful rescue, users gain 40 HP in 5 seconds.


The best part of Thiva's Vital Vibes is the rescue speed increase, of course. In Free Fire combat, every second matters. If you manage to get your teammate up just a moment faster, you would be able to throw up a gloo wall, escape or shoot approaching enemies. There is a reason that Maxim's Gluttony is super popular in high-rank games now... and Vital Vibes is designed in the same way.

4. Jota

With Sustained Raids, when using guns, hitting an enemy recovers some HP for the user. Furthermore, knocking down an enemy recovers 20% maximum HP.

Jota's ability has become much more popular ever since its change. The skill now allows the user to gain some extra HP in a fight when dealing damage to enemies. Furthermore, after a kill, players would get an extra 20% maximum health as healing. This skill is way more useful than the previous version, as it can be used on any gun and has no cooldown.

Jota Free Fire
Jota's sustained raid is one of the most powerful skills in the game.

5. Maro

Maro's ability is the easiest way to boost damage in a sniper build. As all sniper guns have long-range, you would be able to get the most out of Maro's damage boost. 20% extra damage is not a joke, especially when it is multiplied in a headshot, for example. You should be able to one-shot kill enemies with Level 3 helmets by headshotting them with Maro's skill.

Free Fire Maro
Maro is one of the few characters with a skill that outright boosts damage.

Falcon Fervor also has an extra bonus for marked targets - you can combine it with Clu or Shirou's abilities for even more damage. This is amongst the best passive skills for snipers ever created.

6. Shirou

Picking the right skill is very important to combo with Alok. With this ability equipped, you will be able to temporarily see the movement of enemies who shot you, which is vital in pre-aiming and getting kills. While the damage portion of the skill is wasted, the tracking effect alone is more than enough.

Shirou's Damage Delivered can combo well with Elite Moco.

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