The early game is probably the most chaotic period of a Free Fire match. Depending on their landing locations, players might encounter gunfights and shootouts as soon as they land. However, in the early game, players usually don't have good weapons and equipment, which makes them easy to take down.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 tips to get more kills in Free Fire early game.

1. Try to land faster

Wait until the plane is relatively close to your chosen landing location before jumping. Furthermore, do not open your parachute manually - this would slow down your landing speed, giving enemies a chance to get ahead. With Free Fire being a BR, landing first is very important, as you would be able to get your guns first and shoot enemies when they are trying to loot.

free fire tips for beginners
Don't use the parachute right away when jumping out of the plane

Just let your parachute automatically deploy when you are about to hit the ground. Players might want to use the falcon pet to increase their gliding/parachuting speed.

2. Play around the edges of the safe zone

Playing around the edge of the safe zone can be a good strategy if the player is not confident about their ability to rotate. This way, they can immediately move to safety as the zone shrinks.

Furthermore, when playing at the edge of the safe zone, players might be able to score some kills on rotating opponents. Trapping players when the zone shrinks is super effective, as they have to choose between taking zone damage and going out of their safe position.

Free Fire Zone
Staying on the edge of the safe zone is often the best option.

3. Know when to retreat

It is important that you know when to fall back when enemies are pushing and getting the upper hand. Getting sniped in an aim duel just because you have low HP is not fun. If you are getting shot at first, just run and heal before coming back.

Gloo Wall Free Fire
Gloo Wall is a good way to escape enemy fire in Free Fire Squad Mode

Don't try to save medkit and gloo if you are in danger. It's better to waste a few medkits and use gloo walls while retreating, rather than waste an entire match by dying early on in the game.

4. Play defensively and camp

While playing aggressively nets you more kills, it is also riskier and might get you killed. Before getting a good set of armor and helmet, it is smarter to just lurk around and camp until some players are eliminated.

Camping on high ground
Camping on high ground is great in avoiding early deaths in Free Fire.

5. Rotate after a fight

Staying at a known location is not a good idea. It is important that you rotate after every fight. If you stay put for too long, opponents who detected your location can rotate and either flank or backstab you from behind.

Rotating at the right time save players from being rushed as well. Smart rotating can give players the drop on any enemies who are trying to rush the old location.

Good snipers in Free Fire can ambush enemies who are trying to flank.

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