Getting more exp in Free Fire allows players to level up faster, which unlocks more level up rewards. In this article, is going to showcase how to level up faster in Free Fire MAX 2022.


1. Use EXP booster cards

This is the most straightforward way to speed up your level grinding in Free Fire MAX. These cards provide extra EXP after finishing a match, which is based on the number of exp players earn.

So far, there are only two types of exp booster, 100% and 50%. The former can be obtained from the in-game store in exchange for 100 diamonds and the latter is obtainable by check-ins every Tuesday if the player is a part of an active guild.

Free Fire Exp Card
Free Fire's exp and gold cards.

Take note that these cards do not last for very long and players should use them right away if possible.

2. Try to survive till the end of every match

This is the most important factor to increase exp gain for players. To survive, try to ignore hot drops and blue zones while landing - keep your head down and stay away from populated areas. As long as you manage to avoid getting eliminated early, you should be able to gain a considerable amount of exp.

3. Stalling with medkits in damage zones

The longer players survive, the more exp they would gain. Therefore, stalling with medkits in damage zones might be a good idea to gain exp without doing anything. Just land on the edges of the map and try to get as many medkits as you can.

Once you have gotten about 10-15 medkits, move toward an area without enemies and wait. Heal whenever the damage zone is about to kill. Using this trick, players can survive for at least 10-12 minutes and get extra exp pretty easily from their placement.

4. Play squad mode ranked

Garena has put a lot of focus on Free Fire's ranked squad, and having a well-coordinated team is the easiest way for you to rank up quickly. While you might not get a lot of kills, your placement on the table would be higher, which weighs more into the exp distribution.

However, your squad needs to be good for this strategy to work. Therefore, try to communicate with the team member and work together instead of going alone and doing your own thing.

Free Fire Clash Squad Season
Play as a squad for placement points

5. Play on Kalahari

Kalahari is the smallest map in Free Fire, and because of that, matches on this map are usually shorter. By playing on Kalahari, you should be able to complete more matches in a set amount of time, which leads to more exp gain.

Practice is the key to winning matches in Kalahari. Due to the smaller size of the map, combat happens fairly early on and players need to prepare to deal with enemies.

Kalahari is the best map for leveling up faster

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