Free Fire's character system is one of the best in the Battle Royale genre, with each character being super different from the others. However, while the male characters are cool and all, the female character roster is where it's at - their sexiness is what we are here for.

In this list, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 6 best female characters in Free Fire 2022.

1. A124's Thrill of Battle

  • Unleashes an 8m electromagnetic wave that disables enemies' skill activation and interrupts their interaction countdown. Lasts for 20/22/24/26/28/30s. Cooldown: 100/90/80/70/60/50s. 

From a vanilla healing skill, A124's ability changes completely into a unique ability that no other characters in Free Fire have. Apparently, this has the same effect as the ability of an unreleased character named Snowelle, which is a passive that disables enemies' active skills.

Garena Free Fire A124
A124's ability no longer heal anymore.

A124's ability literally counters everything and is likely to be the next hot pick in competitive games. Players can disable enemies' shields and active skills while attacking, preventing them to heal or counterattack.

2. Xayne's Xtreme Encounter

  • Gets 80 HP temporarily, 130% increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields. Lasts for 15s. Cooldown: 100s.

Xayne's ability is excellent in pitched combat, especially after A124's skill was reworked. As of OB33, it is the only skill that regenerates HP in combat. The duration of Xayne's Xtreme Encounter is also pretty good now, with a recent buff to 15s. This is more than enough for an engagement.

Xayne's skill is great for rushers.

The damage bonus to gloo wall is also pretty useful - players can take them down much faster.

3. Steffie's Painted Refuge

  • Create a 4m area that blocks throwables. Allies in the area will restore 10% armor durability every second and ammo damage taken from enemies will reduce by 10/12/14/16/18/20%. Lasts for 10/11/12/13/14/15s. Cooldown: 115/110/105/100/95/90s. Effects do not stack.

Steffie's ability used to have a negligible effect, but after OB33, it becomes a solid skill. The throwable blocking feature prevents enemies' grenades to hit your location while your team's armor durability is getting restored to full. Furthermore, the 20% damage reduction is super substantial - which gives players a huge edge in a fight.

Steffie has the potential to be broken.

This is the second best tactical ability that's likely to be picked in ranked OB33. Painted Refuge's only weakness is its somewhat high cooldown of 90s.

4. Dasha's Partying On

  • Reduce damage taken from falls, recover time, recoil and recoil buildup.

Dasha's ability is pretty unique - it provides 4 of the rarest buffs in Free Fire: fall damage reduction & fall recovery... along with weapon recoil reduction and recoil buildup. These bonuses can easily be divided into 2 skills but look like Garena decided against it.

Dasha Free Fire
Dasha's Partying On

The recoil reduction is really useful on some of the most popular weapons in the game... like the sniper rifles or AK. With Dasha's ability equipped, the stability of your weapon would be improved greatly. On the other hand, fall damage reduction lets players move from high places to the low ground much faster.

5. Clu's Tracing Steps

  • Locate positions of enemies within 75m who are not in prone or squat position. Lasts for 7.5s, CD 60s. Teammates share skill effects after level 1.

Clu's ability used to be super weak, with a much lower range and shorter duration. However, after a buff in a recent patch, she is actually useful now. Tracing steps' scanning ability is a "map hacking on-demand", which allows you to see the movement of all enemies in the area for a whopping 7.5 seconds.

Having Clu's skill will allow you and your team to flank enemies easier.

6. Moco

  • Tag the enemies that Moco shot for 5 seconds.

Upon awakening, the duration increased greatly, up to 11.5 seconds. Teammates also see this tracking.

Garena Free Fire Moco Rebirth
Moco in Free Fire

Overall, Moco's ability used to be useless, with its duration being super low. However, after unlocking Moco's awakening form, it is usable now. With Moco's passive, you should be able to track enemies' locations quickly and prevent them from escaping or flanking.

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