Picking a good skill combo would give players an edge in combat, especially in Free Fire's highly competitive BR mode. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 6 best skill combinations for BR mode in Free Fire OB33.

1. Skyler + Jai + Shirou + Jota

This is more of a melee/rush style combo, with the player going in gun blazing. Shirou's ability would give you an edge in a duel... while Skyler's ability eliminates enemies' walls. Jota and Jai's abilities would give you extra HP and Ammo after a kill.

Jai Free Fire
Jai is essential for all rusher combo.

However, Jota's ability forces you into using SMG and Shotguns - you can switch to Joseph or Hayato if you want.

2. D-Bee + Jai + Hayato + Alok

This is a rush/melee combo, with players engaging in close quarter duel. D-Bee's ability would allow you to use weapons with low accuracy like the MP40 much more effectively, while Jai and Shirou's ability give you an edge against multiple enemies. Alok's active gives some extra speed and utilities.

Hayato is a highly balanced character that can fit most teams.

Though Hayato is an ideal character to combo with D-Bee, you can switch Hayato to Joseph or Shirou if you want. Joseph gives more mobility while Hayato gives more damage.

3. Maro +Xayne + Hayato + Awakened Kelly

This combo is more focused on dealing damage, with all 4 abilities giving bonus damage of sorts. This skill works well for sniper rifles like the M82B or marksman rifles like the SVD, especially if you are going to engage in mid-range fights.

Hayato Awaken
Hayato's ability is very balanced - he is one of the best characters added to the game.

Your character should be able to ignore most of the enemies' armor and gloo walls to deal damage. Awakened Kelly and Xayne and Maro's bonus damage can stack on top of each other - you can probably kill a gloo wall with just one shot. This is probably the best skill combos for Maro.

4. Skyler + Dasha + Luqueta + Wolfrahh

This is the best combo to use with an AR and would ensure your performance in the late game. Luqueta and Wolfrahh's abilities stack up after every kill while Dasha's Partying On reduces all weapon recoils.

Dasha is the key piece of this combo - her ability to reduce recoil is perfect for ARs.

The AK is perfect for this build, as Dasha's ability can reduce its recoil greatly.

5. Clu + Maro + Rafael + Laura

You can use Clu's scan to locate enemies who are trying to flank and pre-aim at that location to wait for them. This combo works best on sniper rifles and assault rifles, which can only be bought in later rounds of the match.

Clu Free Fire
Clu is very useful in team modes like Clash Squad

All three abilities of Maro, Rafael and Laura increase your long-range weapon's effectiveness. The most useful is probably Rafael, as it lets you down enemies faster in squad mode. Maro's ability also synergizes with Clu's tracking - you get 3.5% more damage at max level.

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