Garena has been adding new weapons to Free Fire with every patch, and pretty much all of them have unique features. Compared to the classic weapons such as AK or M4A1, these new guns are much more powerful. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 guns in Free Fire with special abilities.

1. Charge Buster

The Charge Buster is a special shotgun that has a "charging" method. Players need to hold the fire button to charge up a powerful shot, with high damage, range and low spread. When fully charged, one shot is enough to instantly kill a target.

Charge Buster Free Fire
The Charge Buster can eliminate a player with a fully charged shot.

Players can use this weapon to destroy vehicles and gloo walls very easily. It can blow up Jeeps, blue cars and sports cars in 2 shots. Small vehicles like the amphibious bike can be blown up with a single shot.

2. AC80

The AC80 gun is a Marksman Rifle, which means it is a weapon for mid-range to long-range combats. It has high damage and a low rate of fire. Its damage is actually high enough to one-shot a player on the head regardless of their helmet.

Free Fire Ac80 Gun
The AC80 can delete a player with 2 well placed shots.


Furthermore, it also has a special ability to deal extra damage on two continuous shots. The weapon deals more damage on the 2,4,6,8... shots on the same target. Overall, the AC80 is deadly, even if you can't score a headshot with the second bullet.


The Kord seems to be a midway choice between the M60 and the M249, with average damage, magazine size and fire rate. The best part about this gun is its special ability, however. When crouched, the Kord would get a + 5% rate of fire and the ability to fire 3 shots at once.

Kord Killspark Shinobi Weapon Skin
The KORD is a powerful weapon for team camping.

This is the strongest machine gun mode bonus out of the three weapons, as it boosts the overall DPS of players greatly.

4. G36

The new G36 assault rifle is the second weapon with 2 modes, however, unlike the M4A1, the switch changes its range instead. G36 users can toggle between the close range Assault mode and the mid-range Range mode, with each mode providing certain bonuses to fire rate and damage

The G36's ability to change modes allow skillful players to gain advanage.

By switching modes in combat, players should be able to deal with various situations that might happen in battle.

5. MAC10

MAC10 is one of the newest weapons added to the game. With its pre-attached silencer, the MAC10 can easily pierce foes who wear heavy armor. It is a great alternate for the UMP, especially in the early phases of the match when players want to hide their locations.

Mac10 Free Fire
The silencer of the MAC 10 give players an edge in pitched battles.

The damage potential of the MAC 10 is fairly decent, as it has an innate armor penetration stat.

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