The situation tends to become tricky when you are the last man standing in your team. Going against multiple enemies at the same time is always a huge challenge, as they would usually out-damage you in a firefight. However, with the right strategy and luck, it is still possible to get a Booyah.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 4 best tips and tricks to increase your chances in 1v4 fights.

1. Be aware of your surroundings

Against squads, you need to be aware of the arena around you and scout around continuously with your scope. Be sure to take note of everyone when beginning your assault - when you fight one person, their teammates could hit you from another angle. This usually would lead to your death.

Free Fire Solo Vs Squad Tips And Tricks
Scout around with your scope

2. Engage from afar

It is best to try to snipe enemies from long/medium range instead of approaching them if you are the only one left. By doing this, you can reduce the risk of being counterattacked. Furthermore, if the enemy team counterattacks, it is pretty easy to run away and hide. Getting a good sniper weapon is vital for this strategy, such as a DMR or sniper.

Get a vantage point
Getting a vantage point is the most important thing to do in the mid-game.

Vantage spots and choke points are your friends. The former lets you scout the whole battlefield for the position of enemies... while the latter lets you get easy kills.

3. Stay near the edge of the zone

When fighting multiple opponents, the ever shrinking zone would actually be your biggest enemy, as if would force you out of position and into enemy clutches. This is why you need to play around it.

Camp Near The Edge Of The Playing Zone
Preparing a vehicle to move around might actually be a good idea.

To take advantage of the zone, the best thing to do is to stay near the edge of it. In doing so, you would eliminate like half of the possible angle for enemy attack. 

This also gives you a tactical advantage on people who are retreating into the safe zone – most of the time, you should be able to pick them off as they would probably be more concerned about getting inside than shooting you. Prepare to move away from it yourself when the zone is about to shrink further, however.

4. Use frag grenades to distract enemies

A normal exploding frag grenade is a great tool for rushing in squad mode, distracting enemies so that you can maneuver. Below are a few things you should remember:

  • Only use the Frag grenade if you know the enemies are in that location. Don't waste it.
  • Cook the grenade so that it can explode immediately if you are close enough.
  • Grenade is the best tool for finishing downed enemies.
Windows are great targets for grenades in Squad mode
  • You can jump while throwing the grenade to increase its range.
  • Try to open the fight with a grenade to increase the chance of damaging your foes.

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