Free Fire's pet system is a very important feature that can provide players with extra advantages in combat. This is even more important in Clash Squad as it is a short team battle mode in which luck plays a much smaller part.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 pets to use in Free Fire Clash Squad OB33.

1. Zasil

The new pet Zasil is a baby axolotl with the ability to duplicate players' Inhaler, Med Kit or Repair Kit. At level 1, every time players use one of those items, there's a chance that they would get an extra copy of the item for free. This can be pretty valuable in Clash Squad where money is limited.

New axolotl pet Zasil
New axolotl pet Zasil

This skill seems to be overpowered at first glance, however, it is actually pretty weak. On top of the percentage-based activation, it also has a long cooldown of 70 seconds. Getting a free medkit every 2 minutes is just a minimal bonus that doesn't affect the game much in the long run. you can't even accumulate a high number of them, as you need to use an item to trigger the skill.

2. Dr. Beanie

Crouching has always been useful in Free Fire. It gives the player a lower profile and renders them harder to hit. Furthermore, it also reduces the sounds your character makes while moving. The only thing that balances it is the lower movement speed, as players are slowed down 50% compared to normal walking.

Dr Beanie duck Dashy Duckwalk
Dashy Duckwalk at max level is actually really strong.

Dr. Beanie's passive skill buffs the movement speed while crouched by 30/45/60% at level 1/2/3. This allows players to move around faster when crouched, taking enemies by surprise. Using Dr. Beanie would definitely be one of the best choices for rushers.

3. Detective Panda

With D-Bee's ability being super strong in close combat, you can stack up healing by equipping both Jota and Detective Panda together. With both skills active, you would get up to 60 HP with every kill - which is almost the equivalent of a Medkit. In Clash Squad, this can definitely influence the outcome of a fight.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda is one of the best healing pets.

Heal are always useful, no matter the amount - even 1 HP could make a difference in rare circumstances. That's why Detective Panda is always listed among the best healing pets in Free Fire matches.

4. Rockie

With all skills in Free Fire getting a longer cooldown in OB33, Rockie's ability is getting more and more popular. It is the only source of cooldown reduction in the game and is definitely worth the investment.

Rockie is amongst the best pets to combo with long cooldown characters.

Rockie's ability, Stay Chill, reduces the cooldown time of your active skill by 6% at the 1st level and 15% at the 3rd level. However, if players are planning on using characters with shorter cooldown such as Alok, Rockie might not be the best pet to use.

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