Free Fire MAX is a very competitive game, which makes it super hard to reach Grandmaster in Ranked Mode. However, besides improving your aiming skills, there are steps that you can do to increase your chances in the match.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best tips and tricks to reach Grandmaster Rank in Free Fire MAX OB33.

1. Stay near the edge of the zone

In ranked mode, the shrink zone would actually be your biggest enemy, as if would force you out of position and into enemy clutches… if you don’t know how to play around it, of course.

To take advantage of the zone, the best thing to do is to stay near the edge of it. In doing so, you would eliminate like half of the possible angle for enemy attack. This is pretty much the opposite of staying in the middle, as you would have to take care of all directions and be nervous all the time.

Free Fire Heroic Hack
Camping in buildings on the edge of the safe zone is probably the best position you could get

This also gives you a tactical advantage on people who are retreating into the safe zone – most of the time, you should be able to pick them off as they would probably be more concerned about getting inside than shooting you. Prepare to move away yourself when the zone is about to shrink further, however.

2. Secure the high ground

The most advantageous position a player can hold in Free Fire's last circle is the high ground. By securing it, players would be able to get a clear view of the surroundings and detect the locations of enemies.

Staying on the high ground also makes them a smaller target. It is very hard for enemies on lower ground to target high-ground players who are crouching or lying prone. If you managed to claim this advantage, try to defend it at all costs.

Free Fire Sniping Sniper Guide En 1
Getting the high ground allows players to snipe much easier than normal.

3. Pick the right spot to land

Wait until the plane is relatively close to your chosen landing location before jumping. Furthermore, do not open your parachute manually - this would slow down your landing speed, giving enemies a chance to get ahead. With Free Fire being a BR, landing first is very important, as you would be able to get your guns first and shoot enemies when they are trying to loot.

Just let your parachute automatically deploy when you are about to hit the ground.

free fire tips for beginners
Picking the right spot to land prevents making your early game easier.

4. Customize your settings to aim better

Changing your device’s sensitivity can assist heavily in quite a few situations, as lower sensitivity would be the best setting for close quarter combats while higher sensitivity is best for long-distance. The reason behind this is that you would need a stable cursor for the moving enemies in close range. In longer-range fights, however, you would have to be quick to be able to follow the enemy's movements.

Maxresdefault 3 C23f
The right settings can improve your accuracy by a lot.

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