Clash Squad mode in Free Fire is a completely different game compared to Classic BR mode. In this mode, 2 squads with 4 members each would battle each other in a best of 7 series to find out the winners. Players can't loot guns - they have to buy them from the shop.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 4 gun combos to use in Clash Squad 2022.

1. FAMAS + Thompson

FAMAS is a much trickier weapon to use than the other weapons on this list, however, its extreme accuracy and long-range can greatly aid players in performing headshots. It costs the same amount of money as the AN94, at $1200.

The FAMAS is rather tricky to use due to its burst fire mode, which only fires 3 bullets at a time and not full auto.

The Thompson is an alternate choice to the MP5. It has a slightly higher output but is harder to handle due to the lower range. The best feature of the gun is that it is cheap, of course – you only need $1400 to acquire this weapon.

2. UMP + M1014

This is one of the easiest and most effective combos for new players to use, as the UMP and M1014 are as straightforward as they can get. Overall, the UMP has decent medium-range damage, along with a little bit of counter for armored targets.

UMP is one of the few weapons in Free Fire that can pierce armors.

The M1014 is extremely deadly in this mode, with most players not having armors or helmets early on. You can score a quick kill with one or two shots fairly easily in close range. The weakness of this combination is its effective range - you need to move around in a smart way and get close to enemies.

3. SCAR + MP5

In this mode, fights often happen in close to middle range, the MP5 is a decent choice if you have a low budget. It is the cheapest SMG in the shop at $1300 - with a fairly decent fire rate, damage and reload speed. Just don't bother trying to snipe using the MP5, as the gun has fairly poor range.

The MP5 is really easy to use as a backup for the SCAR.

SCAR is one of the best ARs in Free Fire for mid-range combat. Its statistics are very balanced. In specific, the damage point, range, firing rate, and movement speed are around 53 to 62. There is no outstanding feature, but all necessary features are high enough for fast kills.

4. AK + MAG7

While the AK is not nearly as strong in this mode comparing to the normal battle royale, its high damage per shot is still something that can't be ignored. While the thing is fairly expensive to get, at $1700, it is still a good alternative for the M1887 (if you are not confident with going up close and personal).

The AK is hard to use but rewards skilled players.

The MAG-7 is a decent cover weapon, with the same strength as the M1014 in close-quarter fights. You can one or two shots players easily with its high damage. However, due to the slightly higher range, you can also use the MAG-7 as a finishing weapon when the situation arises.

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