Free Fire OB33 patch has changed a lot of skills in Free Fire, including both buffs and complete rework. Some previously useless abilities were completely reworked into more useful ones. However, there are definitely still some underpowered, useless character skills. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 weakest skills in Free Fire MAX 2022.

1. Ford's Iron Will

  • Ability: Reduce damage taken outside the safe zone.

Ford's ability is once again the weakest skill in Free Fire. No one wants to take damage by staying outside of the safe zone, and even if they are outside, the damage reduction bonus from Iron Will is just too small to make any difference in combat. The last circle is going to take one more second to kill you... and that's it.

Gff Ffcharacter Eng 4

To fix this ability, Garena needs to increase the number to at least 50% for it to actually matter.

2. Shani's Gear Recycle

  • Ability: Restore armor durability after every kill. Extra durability can upgrade your armor, up to level 3.

While the effect of Shani's skill is positive, the numbers are just too low and not worth the trouble. You have to make a kill for the ability to take effect... and even at max level, it takes quite a few to upgrade your armor. It is best to just pick up a new armor somewhere on the battlefield instead of relying on Shani's skill.

In OB33, her skill also gets power creeped by Steffie's ability, which regenerates armor durability every second without any requirements.

Shani's ability is pretty much useless.

This ability should restore more armor durability - at least 50 per kill instead of the usual 20.

3. Joseph's Nutty Movement

  • Ability: Movement speed increased by 20% for 1 second upon taking damage.

Overall, Joseph's ability is not that useful. Players only get the extra speed when talking damage, which pretty much has no uses except for defensively. Even in aim duels or close range fights, the 20% bonus speed only gives you a marginal advantage at best, which can be easily overcome if enemies have more useful abilities.

Joseph Free Fire
Joseph is a very underrated character in Free Fire

To fix Joseph, Garena should definitely increase the numbers or duration of the skill or both. Nutty Movement would definitely be worth using if the number was 50% or the duration was 3 seconds.

4. Paloma's Arms-dealing

  • Ability: 120 ammo will not take up inventory space

Overall, carrying capacity is a rather underwhelming bonus in Free Fire. Paloma's arms-dealing passive rarely gets any chance to shine. Players usually just pick other skills that give more substantial and tangible bonuses instead.

Paloma's design is rather outdated.

To fix this skill, Garena should increase the number to a more substantial bonus.

5. Wolfrahh's Limelight

  • Ability: With every additional kill, damage taken from headshots decreases by 5%, up to 25%. Damage to enemies' limbs increases by 5%, up to 20%.

Overall, Wolfrahh's passive takes too much effort to reach its full potential. Players need to get at least 5 kills for the full benefit, which is fairly hard to do in a normal game.

Free Fire Wolfrahh
Wolfrahh's skill is really clunky to use.

Garena should definitely increase the bonus gained with each kill for Wolfrahh's ability.

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