Shotguns are powerful weapons with the ability to instantly kill an enemy. Players can probably win most close-quarter fights with one well-placed shot. However, it gets trickier if the enemy also has a shotgun. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 tips and tricks to win shotgun fights in Free Fire MAX.

1. Always reload whenever possible

When fighting an opponent, players must always try to reload their shotgun whenever they are able. With the limited size of this weapon class' magazine, it is possible to run out of ammo in the middle of the fight.

Crouch To Avoid Shotgun Bullet
Reload if you are able to.

Picking the right weapon is also important, as the automatic shotguns (MAG-7, M1014) give players a bigger margin of error with their large magazines. Single-shot shotguns like the SPAS and the Charge buster are much harder to use.

2. Spam shots when the enemy is in point-blank range

In cases of extremely close-quarter combat at point-blank range, players need to dish out as much damage as possible to finish the enemy. At this crucial moment, just let it go and spam your shots. You probably don't even need to aim - just make sure that the shot is in the general direction of the enemy.

Shotgun Headshot Trick In Free Fire
Spam your shots when needed

This can be combined with advance aiming. Try to predict your enemy's position using headphones and aim at that location even before you see them. You would have an easier time scoring kills this way - enemies should not be able to see it coming.

3. Jump and shoot to throw off enemies' aim

In a close-range fight, you can jump at your enemy - while falling down, wait until the crosshair is at their head and press Fire. By doing a jump, you can easily move your crosshair to the enemy's head. Furthermore, they would not be able to headshot you easily.

Shotgun Headshot Trick In Free Fire
Jump & shoot to throw off enemies' aim

To make this technique more effective, try to sneak behind your foes, ambush in a corner or rush them suddenly so that they would not be able to react fast enough. This technique can also be used defensively to reload your weapon.

4. Use characters with rusher abilities

Free Fire's skill system bolsters players' abilities in combat. Picking the right skill can yield a massive advantage in a shotgun fight.

Caroline Free Fire
Caroline's ability is actually worth using now.


Caroline's Agility is essential for shotgun users. With the buff in OB33, players can get a whopping 13% extra movement speed while holding a shotgun. Shirou or Hayato's passives can also be useful as well for their high damage boost. When it comes to active skills, Alok or Xayne are probably the best, as the heal can give players just enough HP to survive a shotgun blast.

5. Always aim for the head

As shotguns can deal effective body shot damage, players often overestimate its power and give up aiming for headshots altogether. This is not a good thing to do, as torsos usually are heavily armored. Unless players have some armor penetration capability like Shirou's skill or the M1887, killing with body shots would be very slow.

Master Shotguns
Mastering Free Fire shotguns allow you to instantly kill other players with just one well placed shot.

This is why aiming for the general direction of the head is a must. Even if you miss and hit the torso, some pellets can still hit the head to deal extra damage.