After Garena's huge overhaul in OB33, the character meta for ranked has changed dramatically. While nerfed characters such as Maxim and Chrono fall off the map, new and improved characters like Steffie and Kenta have been getting more and more popular.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best Free Fire characters to use in Ranked mode OB33.

1. Shirou

Ability: Damage Delivered (passive)

  • When the user is hit by an enemy from within 80m, the attacker is marked for 6s (marking only visible to the user). The first shot on marked enemies has 100% additional armor penetration, CD 10s.

Shirou's ability gives players crucial information when they are attacked. This in turn allows them to either retreat or retaliate effectively. Furthermore, this ability also has an active component that works decently well in aim duels - if players are using high damage weapons like a DMG, their shots would be boosted greatly.


2. Alok

Ability: Drop the Beat (active)

  • Create a 5m aura that increases moving and sprinting speed by 15%. Also restores 5 HP/s for 10 seconds. CD 45s. The effect cannot be stacked.

Overall, Alok's active ability is the "one fits all" skill that players can put in if they don't want to follow any build in particular. The ability is just strong and versatile, useful in most builds and situations.

It is also a splendid team skill, as the whole squad can get together in the same spot for HP regeneration.

Alok Free Fire

3. Nairi

Ability: Ice Iron (passive)

  • Gloowalls deployed will recover 30% of current durability every 1s when damage is taken. Damage increased 25% when using ARs on Gloo Walls.

As Nairi's ability is a passive, it is fairly versatile and can be combined with any skill in the game. The effect is pretty strong - unless enemies go out of their way to destroy the Gloo Wall in one burst, the wall would heal back to full in just a few seconds.

The second component of the ability is pretty useful as well. The 20% extra damage would allow you and your team to focus down enemy walls. Nairi would definitely see frequent use in high rank games, where Gloo grenades are spammed everywhere.


4. Skyler

Ability: Riptide Rhythm (active)

  • Unleash a sonic wave forward that damages 5 Gloo Walls within 100m. CD 40s. Also, each Gloo Wall deployed will result in 9 HP recovery. Recovery effects do not stack.

Overall, Skyler remains one of the most popular picks a team could have in OB33. In squad vs squad fights, 2 players with Skyler's skill can demolish all enemies' walls, allowing the team to push forward unhindered.


5. K

Ability: Master of all (active)

  • Max EP increases by 50. Jiujitsu Mode: Allies within 6m get 500% increase in EP conversion rate. Psychology Mode: Recover 3 EP every 2s, up to 250 EP.

K's ability effectively gives players an unlimited amount of EP/HP regeneration. This allows them to save the medkits for later uses, freeing up slots for other items. The best part is that teammates can also enjoy part of the skill's bonus.

Kshmr Free Fire E1600870053593

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