Elite Moco has been in the spotlight this whole month with the Moco's Rebirth event. She is now among one of the 4 Awaken characters in Free Fire. The Awaken Moc is called Moco Enigma. It increases the duration of Moco's ability by up to 6.5 seconds based on the movement of the tagged enemies.

How To Unlock Elite Moco In Free Fire

In order to unlock Elite Moco, you first need to own the Moco character. Free Fire gave away a free Moco character for everyone on Moco's Rebirth peak day so most people should have her by now. If you missed it, you can buy her easily from the in-game store for only 8,000 gold.

Garena Free Fire Moco Rebirth
You need to own Moco first to awaken her.

To awaken Moco in Free Fire, you need a total of 45 Moco Awakening Emblems.

Firstly, you can buy Moco Awakening Emblem from the Horizon Store in the Coder's Crib. You can buy a total of 15 Moco Awakening Emblems with the price of 15 M Coin each. To get M Coin, play the Pew Pew Pew mini-game in the Coder's Crib.

Moco Horizon Store
You can buy a total of 15 Moco Awakening Emblems with the price of 15 M Coin each.

Secondly, to get more Moco Awakening Emblems, you need to complete Moco Awakening missions by playing as Moco in all modes.

Go to Characters -> Moco -> Awaken to see your Moco Awakening missions and unlock Elite Moco. Tap on the chapters on the right side of the screen to start Awakening.

Unlock Elite Moco
You need to complete Moco awakening missions to get more Moco Awakening Emblems.

These missions are reset daily. Each of them will give you 2-3 Moco Awakening Emblems and 20-30 Memory Fragments (Moco). You can also reset these missions using 1000 Gold. Note that mission the progress of your incomplete missions will disappear once you reset.

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