To celebrate the release of Elite Moco, a lot of events and rewards have been introduced, such as the Moco Rebirth The Puzzle. The latest event The Moco Coder Crib is the special interface for Moco's Rebirth, where players can play mini-games, complete missions to progress toward exclusive rewards. The event starts from September 10 to September 26.

In this article, we will show you how to navigate through the Free Fire Moco Coder Crib to get the Moco Wing Parachute skin and Cosmic Teleportia Female bundle.

Pew Pew Pew mini-game

Each day, you can play the Pew Pew Pew mini-game once for free. To play more, you need to use 2 Coder Cube C1 Tokens each time. You can collect Coder Cube C1 Tokens by playing Battle Royale mode in Free Fire and login in daily.

Pew Pew Pew
Control your spaceship to kill all the enemies in the mini-game.

The Pew Pew Pew mini-game is very simple, you move your spaceship to the left and right to destroy all the enemies within 20 seconds. The enemies only move and won't attack so you should be able to complete without any problems.

Playing this game increases your Deciphering progress and earns you Moco coins, which you can use in the Horizon Store. Moco's Wings Parachute Skin And Cosmic Teleportia Female Bundle

Horizon Store

The Horizon Store is a special store in the Moco Coder Crib. by increasing the Deciphering progress, you will unlock more things you can buy from this store using your Moco coins. A few exclusive things you really need to get from this store are the Moco Month Pin and Moco's Wings Parachute Skin.

Horizon Store
You can get many exclusive items from the Horizon Store using Moco coins.

When the Deciphering process reaches 100%, you will unlock the Cosmic Teleportia Female bundle in the store.

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