Free Fire is currently having a big Moco Rebirth event for the whole of September to introduce the arrival of the new Moco Awaken. There will be a lot of fun Moco-themed events across the month for players to enjoy and get rewards.

The Puzzle Free Fire event is the latest event of Moco Rebirth. It lasts from September 6 to September 12. In this event, players will get to play a total of 4 mini-games and puzzles. The rewards are the Turquoise Warning Avatar and the Moco Month Banner. In this article, we will show you how to beat all the mini-games and puzzles in the Puzzle Free Fire event to get the rewards.

The Puzzle Free Fire
The Puzzle Free Fire event features the Turquoise Warning Avatar and the Moco Month Banner

1. Dodge the obstacles

Moco's lab is under crisis and you need to reach it. You will help Moco reaching the lab to fix it.

The first mini-game in the event is very simple. You use the 2 directional keys on the edge of the screen to control Moco and dodge the falling blocks on the screen. You need to travel 600 meters to reach the lab.

It is really easy to win this mini-game since the obstacles don't move too fast and there aren't too many of them. You should be able to win this mini-game after a few tries at most.

Dogde The Obstacle Moco
You need to move 600m while dodging the obstacles to get to Moco's lab

2. Find the Door to unlock

After you reach Moco's lab, but the door is locked. You need to find the code to open the door into the lab.

Find the Door to unlock is the second puzzle you encounter in Moco Rebirth The Puzzle event. In this mini-game, you need to enter the right code to open the door. You will be shown a big board consists of different letters. Tap on the letters to enter the code to unlock the door. The right code is "DOOR". Find these letters on the board to type the word "DOOR" to solve the puzzle.

They give away the answer in the request so if you don't notice, you might miss it.

Find The Door Free Fire
Find the correct code to open the door to enter Moco's lab.

3. Free Fire Moco Password

You enter the lab and there is a red warning. You need to open Moco's computer to fix it.

After successfully opening the door to Moco's lab, you need to open Moco's computer. However, Moco's computer is locked with a password. You must use the number pad on the screen to type the correct password. This puzzle is tricky because they give us no clues and find the clue by ourselves.

To find Free Fire Moco password, tap on the powerup button on the box on the right side of the screen. It will show the 3 numbers on top of the box. Their combination is Free Fire Moco password.

Type all those numbers in and tap Enter to unlock Moco's computer. Each player will see a different password so we cannot show you this.

Free Fire Moco Password
Tap on the Power button and the box will show you the correct password to Moco's computer.

4. Authorize needed for the program

Moco's computer is unlocked but the antivirus program on Moco's computer requires authorization.

This is the last puzzle in this event. you need to enter the right code to authorize the antivirus program on Moco's computer to solve the lab crisis. The right code is "HELLOWORLD".

In this puzzle, they show us a hint that says "22-15-26-26-33-45-33-36-26-14" and a keyboard underneath. This puzzle is also quite tricky if you cannot connect the relocation between the hint and the keyboard. If you notice carefully, you will see that there are numbers on the top row and the most-right column of the keyboard. These are coordinate numbers.

Authorize Needed For
Use the hint to find out the right code to authorize Moco's antivirus program.

The numbers in the hint represent the coordinates of the codes. For example, "22" indicates the word on the 2nd row and 2nd column on the keyboard, which is "H". Using the same principle for the rest of the numbers in the hint, we have the answer "HELLOWORLD".

After you solve the puzzle Free Fire event, tap on the present icon to claim the  Turquoise Warning Avatar and the Moco Month Banner. They will be sent to your vault directly.

The Puzzle Free Fire Rewards
You can claim the rewards once you solved all the puzzles in the event.

You can check out the video below for more details about the Puzzle Free Fire.

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