In battle royales like Free Fire, a hot drop is one of the most challenging things a player can do. It is a high-risk, high reward strategy that forces players to fight as soon as they hit the ground. In exchange for this, the landing areas for hot drop usually contain the best weapon and gear spawn in the game.

In this article, we are going to showcase some of the 5 most useful tips and tricks to survive hot drops in Free Fire.

1 - Drop as fast as possible

This is probably the most important thing that players can do to get an advantage in hot drops. This allows them to secure a safe "landing spot" and begin to loot the area. Players who spend too much time in the air are likely to get shot out of the sky. Even if they can hit the ground, the possibility of getting eliminated is very high as they are not armed.

The Falcon pet can let you land faster and survive hot drops in Free Fire. If you are too late to the zone, try to change to another dropping location.

Try to drop fast instead of following other people.

2 - Avoid dropping next to other players

People might think that landing next to others is acceptable in a hot drop; however, that's actually incorrect. While you can certainly get more kills by attacking right away, enemies can definitely turn the table, which means this method leaves too much to chance.

The best way to do a hot drop is to land just far enough so that you can grab a weapon before trying to fight.

3 - Just grab any weapon

Don't be choosy. If you are doing hot drops, your goal is probably to boost your K/D ratio by getting kills. The easiest way to get early kills is to shoot enemies while they are unprepared or haven't picked up a weapon.

This means you should just pick whatever gun and begin hunting enemies right away. You can gradually pick up items later.

Free Fire Loot
Just grab anything nearby and prepare for a fight

4 - Try to get third-party kills

"Third partying" is to interrupt a fight of two players and get kills. While this is not really as common in usual gameplay, you can score a lot of kills with this in hot drop zones.

To do this, positioning is key. You should try to hide and not reveal your location unless it is for a kill. Wait for enemies to engage each other then join in.

5 - Know when to rotate out

Hot drops are dangerous and partly luck based, which means winning one is pretty hard. If you have run out of heal or health, it might be a good idea to just retreat from the area and continue to play the game like normal.

You can also begin to rotate after getting a few kills. Clearing out a hot drop is not recommended, as the last few hot drop survivors are likely to be geared.

Gloo Wall
If you run out of resources, rotating away is a good option.

This is the end of our guide to survive hot drops in Free Fire. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about Free Fire Upcoming Events In September.