Free Fire is a fast-paced battle royale title on mobile. The game is really popular and competitive. Apart from winning Booyah!, having a high K/D ratio is also very important. It shows that you actually have the skill to fight against other players.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips to improve your K/D ratio in Free Fire.

1. Land on Hot Drops

If you want to improve your K/D ratio in Free Fire, you are going to need good loot and enemies. Both of them are available in all hot drops in Free Fire. Of course, you will be to be fast and extra careful so you don't die early. Some of the hot locations in Bermuda are Peak, Mill, Academy.

Mill Free Fire
Landing on hot drops will give you a lot of killing opportunities.

2. Always Moving

If you want to improve your K/D ratio in Free Fire, you can't just wait in one place and expect the enemy to come to you. You have to roam around the map to find enemies. It is not that hard. All you have to do is trying to be at the center of the safe zone. There will always be players there. You can also seek airdrops because that's where many people will be.

Airdrop Free Fire
You can find players more often around the airdrop area

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3. Use the right weapons

Free Fire has a large collection of weapons for different purposes. If you are fighting a close-range fight, SMGs and shotguns would be the best choice. ARs and sniper rifles are better for mid-range and long-range fights. If you don't have the right weapon for the situation, it is best to back off from the fight or find a better approach.

Mag 7 B07e
Having a shotgun or SMG in short-range fight is the best option

4. Improve your aim

In order to have a precise aim, you need to be able to feel comfortable about your control settings, including sensitivity settings and custom HUD. You can check out some pro player Free Fire settings and make one for yourself. Generally, it is best to best to have your General sensitivity to 100 and reduce it slightly as for bigger scopes.

Sensitivity Settings Board
Having good control settings will help you tremendously in fights

5. Control Recoil

Controlling recoil is a very basic and important skill that all Free Fire players need to learn. The recoil of weapon in Free Fire is weak and random but it is quite predictable. The longer you spray the more the bullet will spread around, but they will stay inside your aim circle.

Recoil Free Fire
A short spray will be more accurate than a long spray

The trick is to do short spray so the recoil doesn't get out of control too much. Also, try to hit headshots by dragging the Fire button up.

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