The Rampage 3.0 event is reaching its climax with the new Rampage: New Dawn Mode. The Rampage: New Dawn Mode will start on June 26 until July 2. This time, the mode will be based on the classic Battle Royale mode but with some modifications.

In this article, we will show you how this new Rampage: New Dawn Mode works.

Free Fire Rampage: New Dawn Mode skills list

The Rampage: New Dawn Mode will let players experience the power of the 4 holy beasts. Each holy beast has a unique set of 6 skills, which is 24 skills in total.

Rampage New Dawn Mode Skills
List of 24 skills in Rampage New Dawn Mode

Red Skills

  • Increase Amor Level on Kills.
  • Obtain a Random Level 3 Attachment.
  • Receive a Horizaline.
  • Increase Jump Height.
  • Reduce Active Skill CD Time.
  • Obtain a Random Level 3 Armor/ Helmet.

Green Skills

  • Increase Max Gloo Walls.
  • Increase Backpack Capacity.
  • Increase Med Kit usage rate.
  • Increase Max HP.
  • Armor Durability does not drop.
  • Greatly Increase Max HP.

Blue Skills

  • Increase HP Recovery Rate.
  • Recover EP fully.
  • Increase SMG Weapons Damage.
  • Increase Movement Speed.
  • Increase AR Weapons Damage.
  • Increase EP Recovery Rate.

Purple Skills

  • Increase Damage for Melee Weapons.
  • HP Recovery on Kills.
  • Increase Armor Reduction.
  • Increase Accuracy.
  • Increase Damage on Gloo Walls.
  • HP Recovery on Kills.

How to unlock and upgrade skills in Rampage: New Dawn mode

You will be able to unlock these new Rampage skills by picking up runes across the map.

In order for these skills to work effectively, players must gain experience and level up these skills. You will gain experience by staying alive, killing enemies, and damaging enemies. When you level up, you can choose the skill you want to use.

Rampage New Dawn Mode Tutorial
Unlock up to 5 skills for your character

You can have a total of 5 skills. Find your own skill combinations that work the best for you and win Booyah!

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