Characters and pets in Free Fire have their own abilities that can help you big time on the battleground.

We have 15 pets in the game in total and they all have diverse skills to distribute. However, only a few of them have healing skills which are highly sought-after. HP advantage is the most important merit players could have on a fast royale match.

Take a look at the all healing pets in Free Fire below.

Free Fire Pets
Which is the best Free Fire pet with healing ability?

1. Detective Panda

The best name out of all healing pets in Free Fire must be Detective Panda as it brings about the cap advantage to gamers on the battle. Its skill is Panda’s Blessings. At the default level, the pet can instantly restore 4 HP on each kill.

Panda can recover 10 HP per kill at the maximum level which is skill level 3.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda

Moreover, you should use Panda in intense and short match kinds like Clash Squad mode where hostile players can restore HP constantly on a killing binge.

2. Ottero

Ottero has an ability called Double Blubber. The skill, at level 1, lets players recover Ep when they are using a Med Kit or Treatment Gun. The number of recovered EP is 25 percent of the whole recovered HP amount.

Ottero Free Fire Pets
Ottero looks cute, yet its skill cannot be underestimated.

At its max level, the amount of EP Ottero can recover is 65 percent of the whole HP players retrieved. This is beneficial for matches that last long such as ranked and classic modes.

That's why how to get Ottero for free is so on trend.

3. Shiba

Shiba is among the most used animals in the game thanks to its adorable look and useful skill. With Mushroom Sense, Shiba can spot where a mushroom is on the map.

Shiba is also one of the most appreciated pets in Free Fire.

It is best that players combine it with A124 as the EP gained from the mushroom can boost her ability.

4. Spirit Fox

Another one among all healing pets in Free Fire is Spirit Fox whose ability is called Well Fed. At the first level, it regains 4 HP to gamers when they use a health pack. Meanwhile, at skill level 3, Spirit Fox can restore 10 HP using the health pack.

Spirit Fox
Spirit Fox

All in all, it is a great choice for ranked mode’s aggressive and passive players.

5. Moony

Moony is the pet that can only be collected via direct purchase or events. Its ability, Paranormal Protection, functions a 40% damage reduction when the owner is interacting with the utility requiring time to activate/use (Medkits, Mushrooms, Infobox, Repair Kits, UAV Life…)

Free Fire Moony Top Up Event 2 1024x576
Free Fire pet Moony.

Although it is not really a pet with healing abilities, it is useful when players want to avoid hard hits from enemies when they try to heal or use a utility. Gamers will be a tank on the field if they combine this with damaged reducing Free Fire characters such as Andrew.

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