Free Fire is known for having an excessively large collection of skins and elite pass bundles. The game roles out new items every update and most of them can be obtained easily through playing events for purchasing using Diamonds. Many skins and bundles even return for players who haven't bought them yet.

Rarest Bundle In Free Fire
Free Fire features new bundles with every new update.

However, there are bundles that come once and then disappear forever. No one can ever claim them again once they are gone. If it is an old bundle it will make it even rarer because Free Fire didn't have as many players as it has now.

In this article, we are going to introduce the top 5 rarest bundles in Free Fire. Let's see if you know what the rarest bundle in Free Fire is.

5. Galaxy Dino Bundle

Galaxy Dino Bundle belonged to the first Incubator ever in Free Fire, the Dino Rangers Incubator. The Incubator introduced 6 Dino bundles, which are one-piece Dinosaur suit with a different color.

The Galaxy Dino Bundle was the most expensive bundle in the Dino Rangers Incubator and also the most beautiful with particle effects. It took 7 Blueprints and 3 Evolution Stones to obtain the Galaxy Dino Bundle, all of which can only be obtained randomly with Diamonds in the Incubator.

The Incubator never came back to Free Fire, making it the rarest Incubator bundle in Free Fire. If you bring this bundle into a match, you will definitely stand out the most in the whole lobby (which might not necessarily be a good thing though).

4. Arctic Blue Bundle

The Arctic Blue Bundle was introduced in the Diamond Royale a long time ago. It is a legendary bundle with a very cool flame effect running through the body of the user. The bundle also appeared in the Magic Cube store for some time.

Artic Blue Bundle Free Fire
The Arctic Blue Bundle is wanted by many players but it is no longer available.

People really love this bundle and there is a great demand for it. However, there is no sign that the Arctic Blue Bundle will be coming back ever. That's why it earned a slot on this Free Fire rare bundles tier list.

3. The Streets Bundle

The Streets Bundle was released in the second Elite Pass of Free Fire, the Hip Hop Elite Pass. Many old players would remember this Elite Pass, but lots of them have left the game now, so there are not many accounts in Free Fire that still have this bundle. It is actually quite stylish and listed among the best Free Fire bundles till date.

Rarest Bundle In Free Fire
The Streets Bundle was only available in the second Elite Pass of Free Fire.

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2. Green Criminal Bundle

Green Criminal Bundle is also an old bundle in Free Fire. But the reason why it is so rare now was that it was too hard to get it. It was introduced in Free Fire in a Lucky Draw event. In this event, you flip 1 in 3 cards using an item called Lucky Stars. You can get Lucky Stars during the event by playing the battle royale mode during the event.

Green Criminal Bundle Free Fire
It was really hard to obtain the Green Criminal bundle unless you have a lot of luck

The problem is that, unlike nowadays events, there is no guarantee whatsoever that you will get the bundle and the other rewards are worthless. You can use 15 Diamonds so you can see 3 cards without wasting your Lucky Stars but it was not a good option at all.

As a result, not many players were willing to spend a large number of Diamonds and risk getting nothing back. Some think that this is the rarest bundle in Free Fire but we think differently.

1. Sakura Blossom Bundle

According to GuruGamer, the rarest bundle in Free Fire is also the oldest bundle in Free Fire, the Sakura bundle. It was introduced in the first Free Fire Elite Pass, the Kitsune Elite Pass in 2018.

Sakura Blossoms Event
The Sakura Blossom bundle was featured in the first Elite Pass ever in Free Fire

Back then, the Elite Pass in Free Fire wasn't very well-done. There is much less exciting content and rewards in the Pass.  Also, Free Fire was still pretty new at the time so there aren't as many players in the game. Hence, not many people bothered to obtain the Elite Pass and this bundle, making it the rarest bundle in Free Fire.

And since the bundle is also too old and not as impressive as newer bundles, it is not likely that it will come back ever.

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