Free Fire is a popular battle royale title on mobile with many new frequent events for players to claim free rewards. Free Fire just released an even called Fortune Wheel for players to claim exclusive skins of Rampage: New Dawn. The event features 2 Grand Prizes, the Vermilion Whirlwind Bundle, and the Whirlwind Blade Katana skin.

In this article, we will explain how this even works and how you can try your luck to get the Vermilion Whirlwind Bundle for free.

Free Fire Fortune Wheel Event Tutorial

Free Fire Fortune Wheel Event starts from June 21 until June 27.

When you first entered the event, you can choose a prize as your Guaranteed Prize. The Whirlwind Blade Katana skin is obviously the best option. The other 2 options are 5x Weapon Vouchers and 5x Cube Fragment.

Fortune Wheel Event Tutorial
Choose your Guaranteed Prize, which you will always get after 6 spins.

The Fortune Wheel is a spin with a total of 8 prizes, including the Vermilion Whirlwind Bundle. When you get a prize from the wheel, that prize will be removed. After 6 spins, you will get the Guaranteed Prize, which is the Whirlwind Blade Katana skin if you chose it at the start.

If you are lucky you can get the Vermilion Whirlwind Bundle in the first or 2nd spin. After 8 spins, you are guaranteed to get the Vermilion Whirlwind Bundle.

Vermilion Whirwind Bundle
The first spin is free so go ahead and try your luck to see if you can get it.

The first spin will be free so you definitely want to check out this event to try your luck. The second spin is also only 9 Diamonds, which is pretty much next to nothing.

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