The Rampage: New Dawn has officially arrived Free Fire along with a Rampage music video. the event will last from June 18 until July 2. During the events, there will be many exclusive rewards, skins for players to claim. In this article, we will show you how to get all these free items in the Rampage: New Dawn event.

Battle of the New Dawn (June 18 - July 2)

In the story of Rampage: New Dawn, our 4 protagonists were captured in a laboratory. Your job in this event will be to set them free. During the duration of the event, you will be able to collect Might of Mythos tokens. With each step, our heroes get closer to the spawn island you will get a reward.

Rampage New Dawn Event
You will get all the rewards once you help all 4 heroes escaped

Here are the most notable rewards:

  • Pet skin: Mythos Dreki
  • Sabertooth Loot Box
  • Grenade - Earthshaker
  • Monster Truck Sabertooth
Free Fire Rampage New Dawn Rewards
Battle of the New Dawn rewards

When you successfully get all of them to the destination, you will get the Shadow Earthshaker bundle for free.

Daily Missions and Summon (June 18 - July 2)

There are 4 Daily Missions you can complete to get Might of Mythos tokens:

  • Play 1 game - 1 token
  • Defeat 3 enemies - 1 token ( can be claimed 3 times)
  • Play 5 games - 1 token ( can be claimed 5 times)
  • Booyah in 1 game - 2 tokens
Rampage New Dawn Daily Missions
Rampage New Dawn Daily Missions

Each day, you can summon one of the Mythos to accompany you in your daily missions. You will also get doubled mission rewards. If you manage to log in for 9 days, you will get a Stormbringer Swing Baseball bat skin for free.

Rampage New Dawn Summon
Rampage New Dawn Daily Summon

Road to New Dawn (June 21 to June 26)

If you log in all 6 days during the event, you will get a Stormbringer Jeep skin.

Rampage New Dawm Skins
Road to New Dawn events

Exchange Store

There is a Mythos store for you to exchange extra Might of Mythos tokens for items. When all Mythos Four heroes escaped, you can exchange tokens to get a Weapon Voucher and a Diamond Voucher.

Mythos Store
Rampage New Dawn Exchange Store

Log in and Play on June 26

When you log in and play a game in Free Fire on June 26, you will get a free Earthshaker Pan skin and a free Volcanic Whirlwind Skyboard skin.

Rampage New Dawm Free Login Rewards
Log in and play a game on June 26 to get these 2 skins

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