Free Fire has attracted a huge slew of players being one of the most fun survival shooter games as of now. Besides intense clash squads, the game also features action-jammed Battle Royales. Players have to make strategies and use grenades, gloo walls, as well as other in-game items to win.

When you have become more accustomed to the gloo wall scheme, you can level up your game with Mr. Waggor pet. As weapons such as M82B can take down gloo walls, you need to deploy more walls for a better coverup. Meanwhile, Gloo walls and grenades can make a powerful combination.

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Under which situation should players use gloo walls in Free Fire?

Considering that they are among the most lethal items in the game, let’s also see the top 5 situations to use gloo walls in Free Fire for the best outcome.

1. Trap the opponent

Using gloo walls to trap the foes inside houses or on the staircase’s upper side is a smart strategy. Instead of chasing them all the way down into a house, you can surround them with gloo walls and smoke grenades.

Trap Opponents
To trap the opponents.

This trick of using gloo walls also works in squad situations.

2. Go to the top

When you are equipped with weapons and armor, the most recommended method is lying low when some enemies get eliminated. By stacking up the gloo walls or making a staircase, you can reach some unreachable spots in the case.

Get To The Top
Getting to the top is one of the situations to use gloo walls in Free Fire.

This strategy can kill two birds with one stone as while enemies cannot reach you, you can also shoot other gamers in close range.

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3. Rush towards a hard cover

Dashing towards a solid cover is also one of the inevitable situations to use gloo walls in Free Fire.

Dashing Towards A Solid Cover
Dashing towards a solid cover

If you want to change your cover or need a rigid cover, gloo walls can defend you from any bullet shower or ambush. However, this can pose some risks especially when you have to change covers at the end of the match.

4. Heal yourself and your buddies

In squad situations in Free Fire, when a team member gets hurt, a fellow member is able to deploy gloo walls. In this way, they can get an immediate shield from bullet downpour.

Ff Teammates
Gloo walls can also help you and teammates heal after getting injured.

When foes try to take gloo walls down, the teammates may take time to escape to another cover. There are many gloo wall tricks that you won't want to miss out.

5. Distract or confuse enemies

The plan here is to create one or two gloo walls to distract opponents. They will probably waste a bit of time checking out if there is any player behind it.

In another scenario, you can even round behind the enemies, then ambush them.

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