Free Fire has a lot of unique items, one of which is the gloo wall. It can immensely level up the gameplay of a user if smartly used.

For the unversed, gloo walls can function as a barrier when opponents are shooting players. Apart from this, Free Fire can also pile up the gloo walls so that they can reach inaccessible points.

To help players maximize the effects of this item, here’s how to use gloo walls in Free Fire effectively. Your gameplay will be elevated to another level with our guide.

1. Increase the gloo wall button’s size

One of the tips on how to use gloo walls in Free Fire effectively is to enlarge its size. The first and foremost thing most players do is panic and run when they are getting shot. And this is when gloo wall grenade is used. However, they may waste time searching for the grenade button.

Gloo Wall Grenade
Make the button bigger will give you an advantage in surviving the game.

You can avoid this when the button is bigger and more visible. Put the button where you can see and tap it easily. Hence, you can summon the gloo wall in a faster manner with practice.

2. Use it as a distraction

Once there are just a few players left in the game, the Free Fire battle royale becomes even more intense. When you get surrounded, you can position a gloo wall, then duck down and move to change the spot. Deploying two walls at a time will make it easier for you to get away.

Gloo Wall
The gloo wall will be a distraction for you and you can escape from the attack of opponents.

This strategy is for you to reach another position while also confuse the foes. In case it works, the enemies will shoot at the gloo wall while you make your escape.

Once you get comfortable with this skill, you can round back up and shoot your enemies near the wall.

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3. Corner the enemy and approach closer

The not least of the last method of how to use gloo walls in Free Fire effectively works the best in shelters and closed spaces.

Mr Waggor
Mr. Waggor will be a great companion.

Inside the shelters, you can deploy a gloo wall to corner or block your opponents. Whether opponents see you and shoot at your direction, deploy several walls to make them confused and come closer.

Moreover, when you are more accustomed to effectively deploying gloo walls, you can attain Mr. Waggor as your pet. The penguin would give the gloo wall out every now and then.

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