Free Fire is a popular battle royale game on mobile that has a lot of exciting events. Free Fire is having a long list of upcoming events in June for players to have fun and get free rewards. Among them, the most awaited event in June is the Rampage 3.0 event. The Rampage 3.0 event will continue from where Rampage 2.0 left off with 4 new protagonists and a new game mode.

The event will feature a total of 4 exclusive bundles respective to the 4 new protagonists. More importantly, you will be able to claim one Rampage 3.0 Free Fire Bundle for free.

In this article, we will take a look at all the upcoming Free Fire Rampage 3.0 bundles and show you how to get the free Rampage 3.0 Free Fire bundle.

 1. About Rampage 3.0 Event

Free Fire just announced the Rampage 3.0 or Ramage New Dawn event on their official website. In the Rampage 2.0 event, the world Free Fire witness a huge war between 2 factions, the Liberi and the Bringers.

Rampage 2 0
The Rampage 2.0 event features a huge war between 2 factions, the Liberi and the Bringers

After this war, both factions have disappeared, left behind a crumbled, chaotic world. 10 years after the final battle, crimes, and conflicts still exist, but there are new vigilantes who are willing to fight it. Four heroes, Drake, Rajah, Speedy, and Aurora will become the heroes the world needs.

During their journey, they were tricked into a mutation laboratory. They were held captive and got experimented on their body in a controlled environment. They become stronger, smarter, faster, and gain new power through these experiments.

Free Fire Rampage
Free Fire Rampage: New Dawn mode will feature a totally unique gameplay

From June 18, the Free Fire Rampage 3.0 event will start for players to fight the captors and help our heroes escape from the lab.

From June 26, players will get to experience all four new characters with a new Rampage mode. The new game mode will be based on the classic battle royale gameplay. Players will be able to pick up and receive runes around the map to unlock specials attributes. There are more than 20 attributes and players will have to find out which attribute combinations will work best for them.

They can also gain experience and level the 4 protagonists to unlock new skills.

2. All Free Fire Rampage 3.0 Bundles Review

The Free Fire Rampage 3.0 event will feature a total of 4 Legendary bundles. These 4 bundles are designed base on Chinese mythical animals. They are the Azure Dragon bundle, Vermilion Bird bundle, Black Tortoise bundle, White Tiger bundle. These four bundles might come with different names when they are released.

#1. Azure Dragon bundle

The Azure Dragon bundle is a male bundle with white hair, a dragon sword on the hip, and an eye mask. In some leak videos, we can also see that this Free Fire Rampage 3.0 bundle will come with an emote that calls forth a white dragon.

Azure Dragon
Free Fire Rampage Azure Dragon bundle

#2. Vermilion Bird bundle

The Vermilion Bird bundle is a female bundle that represents the fire phoenix. The main color of the bundle is red and black with white Chinese style hair.

Vermilion Bird
Free Fire Rampage Vermilion Bird bundle

#3. Black Tortoise bundle

We know that the Black Tortoise bundle will be called the Shadow Earthshaker Bundle when the event is released. This Rampage 3.0 Free Fire bundle will be given to all players for free during the event.

Black Tortoise
Free Fire Rampage Black Tortoise bundle

#4. White Tiger bundle

The White Tiger bundle is a male bundle. The bundle has a black shirt covered by a purple striped white fur jacket. The bundle also has a mask with a tiger mouth picture on it.

White Tiger
Free Fire Rampage White Tiger bundle

3. How To Get Rampage 3.0 Free Fire Bundle For Free?

To celebrate the Rampage 3.0 event, Free Fire will give players the Shadow Earthshaker Bundle (Black Tortoise Bundle) for free. When the Rampage 3.0 event starts on June 18, players can log in to Free Fire and complete mission events to get the Shadow Earthshaker Bundle – a male costume bundle.

Free Fire Rampage 3 0
The Shadow Earthshaker Bundle (Black Tortoise Bundle) will be given for free in the upcoming Rampage event

Given how Free Fire has been giving away items in the past. It is likely that the missions to get the Shadow Earthshaker Bundle will be simple missions that you can complete just by playing one or two games.

Further details about these missions will be revealed when the Rampage 3.0 start on June 18. Follow Gurugamer to get the latest news as soon as they come out.

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