Free Fire is having a new big update, the OB28 update. As usual, the OB28 update will bring the games tons of new changes and features to give players a new playing experience. There will be new weapons, character changes, and new events. But more importantly, you will be able to shoot your teammates.

Friendly Fire feature in Free Fire OB28

In Free Fire, the only way to hurt your teammate is by using Grenade or running them over with cars. This is to give players an overall better experience to avoid teammates killing each other to get loot or troll.

But in the OB28 update Free Fire will allow players to shoot their teammates. If you are feeling nervous right now about all the troll you are going to get after the update then don't be. This feature will not be available in casual or rank mode. This means you don't have to worry about a childish teammate who suddenly turns on their own team.

Friendly Fire Garena Free Fire
You can shoot your teammate directly and kill them in the next update

It can only be turned on in the Custom room when you create the room. In competitive settings, this will add a little bit of challenge to the game. You have to be a little bit more mindful about your position or you might accidentally shoot your teammates.

Free Fire Friendly Fire
You can only enable Friendly Fire in Custom Room in Free Fire

On the other hand, make sure to check the room settings before you play a custom game or you might get pranked by the host.

Overall, this will only be a fun update at most and it won't affect anything at all.

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