Free Fire is known for releasing a lot of new events to give players free rewards and new fun content. Just like event list last month, there will a lot of Free Fire upcoming events in June for players to enjoy.

Come and find out what Free Fire upcoming events 2021 June are below.

1. New OB28 update

The OB28 update will be released on June 9. This update will bring huge changes to the game with many new items and features. Log in to Free Fire on June 9 to get 2 Diamond Vouchers and 2 Weapon Vouchers.


Clu, Paloma, and Laura will receive a buff to their skill to make them more relevant to the current meta in Free Fire. There will be also a new character called D-Bee. His skill increases your movement speed and accuracy when you are firing and moving.

Free Fire Ob28 Characters
Three female characters in Free Fire will get a buff in the OB28 update.

Ice Grenade

Ice Grenade is a new type of grenade that will be introduced in the OB28 update. The Ice Grenade act the same as other grenades in Free Fire. It deals less damage than normal Frag Grenades but it will slow down the movement speed and rate of fire of the affected enemies for a few seconds.

Free Fire Ice Grenade
New Ice Bomb in Free Fire

New UZI and Kingfisher weapon

The OB28 will introduce the UZI handgun. It is a weapon with an extremely high rate of fire and is used in close-range combats. It does not use any attachment and only has 18 bullets per magazine. This means you will likely not be able to kill a player with the UZI even if you unload the whole clip.

Uzi Free Fire
New weapon Mini UZI in Free Fire

The Kingfisher will be a new AR with a pre-attached x2 scope. You can replace the x2 scope with a Thermal scope or an x4 scope. It has average damage and a fast rate of fire. The weapon only has 20 bullets per magazine and cannot attach Magazine. It can use a Foregrip, Muzzle, and Stock.

Kingfisher Free Fire
New Kingfisher AR in Free Fire

New Duck pet

The new Duck pet in the OB28 update will be called Mr. Beanie. This pet will increase your movement speed by 60% when you are in a crouch position.

Training ground update

Another worth-noticing update among all Free Fire upcoming events in June 2021 is the changes to the training ground. There will be a new bumper car section for players to hang around and crash into each other.

Training Ground Update
New Training Ground Update in Ob28 update

A new racing track will also be added to the Training Ground. This could be a feature that goes with the Free Fire x McLaren collaboration. There will also be new chat emoji.

Creative mode

A Creative mode also got leaked as part of Free Fire OB28 server, where players can change elements around the map and create their map. Players can do pretty much anything in this mode and they will have an infinite amount of resources.

This mode is only available for people who have a Room Card.

2. Dragon Gate event

Free Fire just released a small event called Dragon Gate event. This event features the Dragon Gangster Bundle as the Grand prize. There will be 2 cards, one with the Grand Prize, while the other has another random prize.

Dragon Gate Event Tutorial
New Dragon Gate Event

The first time you flip the card will be free, so there is no reason not to try out this event to get a free Dragon Gangster Bundle.

3. New Gold Royale bundle

It is time for the Gold Royale to reset with a new Grand Prize. The next Gold Royale bundle will be a male bundle. The bundle has a round pair of glasses, a white shirt wears outside a black T-shirt. The best aspect of the bundle is the messy hair.

Next Gold Royale Free Fire 1
Next Gold Royale bundle

4. Rampage 3.0 Event

In June, players will get to experience the Rampage mode once again with many new exciting events, game modes, and rewards. The Rampage 3.0 event or Rampage New Dawn event will start on June 18. The Rampage 3.0 mode will start on June 26. This is definitely one of the most exciting Free Fire upcoming events in June

The event features 4 heroes who have undergone mutational experiments and gain superpowers.

Free Fire Rampage
Free Fire Rampage: New Dawn mode will feature a totally unique gameplay

This time the Rampage mode will follow the battle royale mode but with a small twist. Players can find runes around the map that can give them new power of the 4 new heroes featured in the Rampage New Dawn event.

More details about the Rampage New Dawn event will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

5. Sniper God 2.0

From June 5 to June 18, upload clips of your best Free Fire sniping moments on Booyah. You will get a chance to win a part of the Rs 2500 Amazon Gift Cards prize pool.

6. Free Fire Rampage 7-Day Check-In Event

From June 8th to June 18th, 2021, players will get free gun skins and characters just by logging in to Free Fire. These skins and characters have a 7 days time-limit but it still a good chance to try them out. If you log in for 7 days, you will get a bonus prize.

7 Day Checkin Feature
Free Fire Rampage 7-Day Check-In Event

7. McLaren P1 - Helios Top Up

With the Free Fire x Mc Laren, Free Fire released the McLaren P1 - Helios Top Up event. Players can get the McLaren P1 - Helios car skin for free by buying 200 Diamonds.

Free Fire Mclaren Top Up Event
Free Fire Mclaren Top Up Event

We will update more upcoming Free Fire events in June 2021 in India when there is information. Visit our website daily for the latest news.

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