Free Fire is a battle royale title on mobile published by Garena in 2017. It is one of the most popular games in the world with hundreds of millions of players.  Into the game, 50 players drop into an abandoned island to pick up items, weapons, and fight until there only 1 survivor left.

Best Passive Character In Free Fire
Guess who are the best passive characters to use in the game!

Free Fire features a character system with more than 40 unique characters. Each character has their own skill that can help players in different ways. Players can bring a total of 1 active character and 3 passive characters into the game to help them in battles. In this article, we are going to show you the best passive character in Free Fire in June 2021.

1. Moco

Moco is one of the oldest characters in Free Fire. While she is old, her skill is still good enough to be able to compete with new skills in Free Fire. Moco is definitely the best passive character in Free Fire.

She has a passive skill called TracingSteps. It helps her track the location of the enemies she shot for 5 seconds. While her skill doesn't increase your HP or damage or movement speed, it can provide information. Being able to keep track of the location of your enemy will allow you to track them down or finish them with the grenade.

Moco in Free Fire is an old free-to-play character but she is really useful

Moco is also highly recommended in ranked mode for her abilities. You can purchase Moco in the in-game store using Gold.

2. Hayato Awaken

In the OB27 update, Hayato Awaken received a skill rework that turned it into a passive skill and merges the Awaken skill into the original skill. This change caused Hayato to become the best passive character in Free Fire 2021.  Hayato Awaken now will give you 3.5% frontal damage reduction and 10% armor penetration every he loses 10% HP.

Hayato Awaken
Hayato Awaken is one of the best passive characters in Free Fire.

This skill makes you a very strong character in 1vs1 face-to-face situations. Hayato is also a free-to-play character. You can obtain him easily in Free Fire from the store using Gold.

3. Kelly Awaken

Kelly Awaken only gets a slight buff in the OB27 update, but she was already a really good character even before the buff. Her original skill is what makes her valuable. Her skill can give you 6% movement speed, which doesn't sound very significant but very important. The fact that many pro players are using Kelly in pro tournaments says a lot about how strong she is.

Free Fire Kelly
Kelly's movement speed bonus is more useful than many people think.

Having a high movement speed means that you can run away, push, rotate around faster. Moreover, you will be able to aim faster with a high movement speed. This is the reason why Kelly deserves to be the best passive character in Free Fire in 2021.

Kelly is given for free for all players when they first start the game through new players' missions.

4. Maxim

Maxim used to be a really bad character. But after he was buffed in the OB27 update, he is now a really good character, if not the best passive character in Free Fire, to increase your healing rate. His skill can reduce the using time of Med Kit and Inhaler by 40%.

Maxim is now one of the best options for healing in Free Fire at the moment.

The Med Kit normally will heal you for 75HP over 5 seconds with a using time of 3 seconds. With Maxim's skill, you can save 1.2 seconds when using a Med Kit. You can pretty much heal twice as fast as a player who doesn't have Maxim.

Maxim is also a character you can buy from the in-game store using Gold.

5. Wolfrahh

Despite being among the best passive character in Free Fire, Wolfrahh is one of the best choices for aggressive players. He basically will make you deal more damage and take less damage the more you kill. His skill can reduce damage to your head by 30% and increase damage to the enemy's limb by up to 20%.

Free Fire Wolfram Character Ability
Wolfrahh character in Free Fire will make you stronger after each kill.

Wolfrahh provides pretty much the same thing as Hayato but you don't need to lose your HP. You just need to get kills, which will become easier as you get the bonus from Wolfrahh.

You can buy Wolfrahh from the in-game store with Diamonds. You can also get him for free during certain Free Fire events.

Above is our list of the best passive character in Free Fire to use in June 2021. Should you have other suggestions, let us know in the comment section.

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