Free Fire is a popular battle royale game on mobile that features many different game modes and features. Now, the game is going to bring back one of the best most modes ever in Free Fire, the Rampage Mode.

Free Fire released a new teaser on the Free Fire India Official YouTube channel to announce the Rampage 3.0 mode. You can check out the teaser below

Free Fire Rampage 3.0 Rewards And Details

Just like the last Rampage event, we can expect that Rampage 3.0 mode will have a lot of rewards, events for players to join. Rampage 3.0 will be called Rampage New Dawn and it will continue the story of the last Rampage 2.0 event.

It will feature 4 heroes named Drake, Rajah, Speedy, and Aurora, the 4 vigilantes that the world needs. But they were tricked into a mutation program that modifies their body.

There will be 4 new bundles: White Tiger, Shadow Earthshaker, Vermilion Bird, Azure Dragon.

The Rampage 3.0 event will start on June 18 and the Free Fire Rampage New Dawn mode will be released on June 26. During the events, players will be able to get the Shadow Earthshaker bundle for free during events missions.

Free Fire White Tiger
White Tiger bundle
Free Fire Black Tortoise
Shadow Earthshaker bundle
Free Fire Vermilion Bird
Vermilion Bird bundle
Free Fire Azure Dragon
Azure Dragon bundle

Free Fire Rampage: New Dawn Mode Explain

The new Free Fire Rampage: New Dawn Mode will be a battle royale mode but with a twist. Around the map, you will find different rune that gives you powers of the 4 heroes and increase your attributes. Players can also level up to unlock further attributes.

Free Fire Rampage
Free Fire Rampage: New Dawn mode will feature a totally unique gameplay

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