Starting from Saturday, a new mode was officially introduced in Free Fire. With the name of Rampage 2.0 as the mode is called, you will be brought to face the challenge and presence of a new mode that you have never tried before.

It will be available from 4 to 13 July, therefore, for those of you who especially want to participate in the Rampage event, you must play the Rampage 2.0 mode. Meanwhile, for any Survivor who is feeling confused, here are 5 helpful tips to will help you win often in Rampage 2.0:

5 Tips to Win Consistently at New Free Fire Rampage 2.0 Mode

Choose Weapons That are Closest to Your Play Style

In Rampage 2.0 mode, you will be confronted with a choice of four random and different weapons each match. Therefore, choose a weapon that you either have mastered or one that is the closest to your style.

Free Fire Rampage 2.0 5 Tips and Tricks for Winning

For example, if you are a player who likes to fight at close range, then choose weapons such as the MP40 and M1887 which certainly generates no doubt about their greatness for close combat.

Aim for the Golden Box

Try to always get a Golden Box lying around the map. By taking the Golden Box, your team will get a buff which will make it easier to kill the enemy.

Not only that, for those of you who want to seize a stronghold, with the buff from the Golden Box the enemy will find it more difficult to take you down because of the buff that you have.

Don't Focus on Kills, Focus on the Points

To be able to get points in Rampage 2.0 mode, Survivors are required to secure the stronghold and not kill. That is why the kill is not very important and what you do should only be to secure the fort first.

Because the stronghold will only be active for a certain duration, therefore securing the stronghold first makes it more difficult for the enemy to get points and outperform your team.

Don't be Afraid to Die

In accordance with what was mentioned above of how the kill will not give points to the enemy, you should play more freely and not be afraid of death, especially if you want to seize the stronghold from your opponent.

Free Fire Rampage 2.0 5 Tips and Tricks for Winning

This is because, if Survivors play carefully when they need to capture a point from the enemy, you are allowing the enemy to gain points if you don't attack him with any chance you have.

But be Cautious When Defending

If you already secure a stronghold, try not to stay too far from the place you have captured. Instead, try to survive as much as possible and play defensively so that your team can still gain points even without killing.

Free Fire Rampage 2.0 5 Tips and Tricks for Winning

In addition, if the stronghold is defensible for you, your team must make it as difficult as possible to take over. Therefore teamwork is also highly demanded in Rampage 2.0.

So these were the tips to help you do well in Rampage 2.0 get as many Carnage Points as possible. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at