Free Fire, the widely popular Battle Royale by Garena which is available for download on Android and iOS devices, received the Kalahari map for its ranked mode recently. The arrival of the new battlefield marked the beginning of the 16th Ranking Season. Free Fire Kalahari map download is inspired by the desert of the same name located on the African continent.

Free Fire Kalahari map download

Its uniqueness lies in the areas of sparse and open field, favoring direct combat and use of the gloo walls. Therefore, in order to guarantee victory, it is necessary to know the main regions of this Free Fire Kalahari map download APK.

Keep reading to find out what the locations with the highest number of loots are, as well as tips for doing well on the Free Fire new update Kalahari map download:

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Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina is a region located in the eastern direction of the Kalahari map. The surroundings have few buildings. On the other hand, Santa Catarina has a large ship smashed in half with many armaments and equipment.

free fire kalahari map download

Players have access to the interior of the ship and can also climb up to the bow via stairs. The location is called Santa Catarina, in honor of the state in the southern region of Brazil.

Command Post

The Command Post is a strategic region of Free Fire advanced server Kalahari map download, and very close to the Refinery. As it is located in the central region, the Command Post is very busy and ideal for players with an aggressive playing style, who are always looking for the best loots.

It is worth mentioning the large number of buildings that can be used as cover to evade enemies or ambush them. Players should be alert in the vicinity of the guardhouses. The site has a high likelihood of submachine guns, such as the UMP and MP5.

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Located south of Kalahari, Mammoth is an archaeological site with gigantic abandoned bones. The region is marked by a large open field. However, amid the bones, there are large open containers that can be used as cover.

Several submachine guns, assault rifles, and gloo grenades can be found in the region. Players can also climb on the carcasses, which are great as lookouts when you are equipped with sniper rifles.


The Refinery is a rugged region located in the center of the Garena Free Fire Kalahari map download. The industrial buildings divide the land in two. In the immediate vicinity, there are six zip lines, so players must be very careful with enemies barging in using these tools. Having a good headset is essential for hearing footsteps.

free fire kalahari map download

In addition, the Refinery also has a launcher, which can be used to move to other regions and for quick escapes.

Free Fire Kalahari map download (3/4)

The Sub

The Sub is an area located south of Kalahari. The region has two large mountains that support each end of the abandoned submarine. Nearby there are also buildings with some loots, such as weapons, ammunition, and vest.

The Sub is a part of Kalahari that is best suited for players with camper style of play. The location at the bottom end of the map favors this playstyle as few enemies explore the region.


East of Kalahari, the Confinement is a construction site divided into two sectors. The place has tiny cells and is surrounded by several containers. The structure of the site with small cubicles favors gunfights that are within a short distance.

The gloo walls can play an essential role in this region. There is a great possibility of finding shotguns, level two vests, and glu grenades.

Free Fire Kalahari map download (4/4)


The Bayfront follows a structure similar to that of other regions on the Kalahari map. In the center, there is a tower surrounded by a low wall. The surroundings have buildings with a good number of loots scattered on the floor.

Free Fire Kalahari map download

It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to pay close attention to the footsteps of enemies. The Bayfront is close to well-populated regions, such as Refinery and Command Post. In addition to quality loots, another advantage of this region is the proximity to most of the safe areas.

Other tips for doing well in Kalahari

  • Use map elevations as cover during long-distance confrontations;
  • Choose shotguns for direct confrontations in Kalahari, such as M1887 and M1014;
  • Avoid landing in the blue zone if you want to avoid confrontations at the beginning of the match;
  • Do not hesitate to use a gloo wall in the last safe zones;
  • As Kalahari is an extensive map, use Kelly to enter the safe zones more quickly;
  • Regions at the ends of the map are little explored, such as the Stone Ridge.

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