Entering Season 16 of ranking, many of our Survivors must be preoccupied with trying to push rank especially when the season is still early. It is not uncommon for Free Fire players to feel very eager to reach as high of a rank as possible.

And also, it is very important to feel more enthusiastic than not when pushing rank. Many have had to swallow unsatisfactory results and must keep fighting to retain the rank. Therefore, in order to maximize the time you have to push rank, here are things to consider if you want to succeed:

4 Things You Need to Remember to Push Rank Consistently in Free Fire

Make Sure You are Ready to Play

When deciding to play Ranked, make sure you the player are in top shape. Whether it's your own mood or a smartphone that has a full battery and smooth internet.

Free Fire on PC: Clash Squad Guide 2020 free fire push rank 4 important tips to remember

This is of course intended so that you do not easily lose your cool later if you get unsatisfactory results, because of either the mood, the internet, or your smartphone that is not functioning very well.

Warm up at the Training Ground or Clash Squad

This is what is sometimes forgotten by many players, or even you yourself may have forgotten to do the thing which is training. Many of them directly jump into a Ranked game without warming up or anything.

And of course, if you play without training at the Training Ground or Clash Squad, later on, you will be less prepared both in terms of reflexes or when dueling with enemies, or other things.

Warming up by playing other modes besides Ranked will certainly make you more ready to push and the enemy can certainly be easier to deal with when trying to hit your opponent.

If Playing with Friends, Set Your Best Strategy

If you play with friends, don't hesitate to invite your friends to discuss the best strategies you all can do to get good results.

Free Fire Clash Squad guide free fire push rank 4 important tips to remember

You can discuss starting from the role that is assigned, where to drop down, play aggressively or safely, until the selection of skill slots of the characters has been chosen. With smooth communication, the chemistry of one team will be more stable and avoid miscommunication.

Stop Playing if You Get Consecutive Bad Results

With every season that lasts for more than 1 month, it doesn't hurt for Free Firers to rest if you get poor results for 4 or more consecutive matches. This aims to keep you playing with a cool head later and not bring up negative emotions, all of which would make you play worse. Come up with some fun activities to do when you get that losing streak.

And these have been the 4 points that you should pay attention to in order to get the most out of your game and get the best rank. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at GuruGamer.com.