Though being a free-to-play game, Garena Free Fire is still so much better when you invest some money into it. That is because Diamonds are such an important part of the game. This premium currency allows players to acquire most of the items in Free Fire, including characters, pets, cosmetics, and more.

Less Is More Event
A new top-up event has popped up!

However, if you're unwise about how to spend money, you may end up having a bad deal since Diamonds cost real cash to buy. Top-up events are the best way to get yourself some Diamonds at a cheaper price. And the currently started Less is More event is the perfect example.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to get the in-game currency at a lower cost.

Free Fire Diamonds On Discount At 'The Less Is More'

The Less is More event kicked off on June 2nd, 2021, and will run 4 more days until June 8th, 2021. During this duration, players will receive different discount rates based on the remaining amount of currency they have in their accounts. More specifically, the fewer Diamonds you have, the higher the discount will be.

Less Is More Diamond Page
Get more value out of your investment into Free Fire!

However, players must note that they can only purchase the 520 Diamonds pack from the Less is More event. Also, the maximum discount for the package is 60%, if players have 0-49 Diamonds left in their accounts.

It may be a good time now to use up the remaining Diamonds and get yourself some more in Free Fire!

How to Join The Less Is More Event?

Below is a list of different discounts for the event which help you to get cheaper Free Fire diamonds:

  • Over 299 remaining Diamonds: INR 400
  • 150-299 remaining Diamonds: INR 300
  • 50-149 remaining Diamonds: INR 250
  • 0-49 remaining Diamonds: INR 160
Less Is More Diamond Page
Save up to 60% of the price during the event.

You can join the Less is More event by following the steps below:

  • #1: Launch Garena Free Fire. Open the Diamond top-up page on the top left corner of the screen.
Free Fire Less Is More Event
Click the button here.
  • #2: Select the “Less is More” tab and click the yellow button.
Less Is More Diamond Buy
Make the IN-GAME payment using Google Play.
  • #3: Make the payment

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