Diamonds are an absolutely essential resource to have if you want to really enjoy Garena Free Fire. This premium currency allows players to unlock various items in the store or take part in various events for exclusive rewards. So, to help you get your hands on more Diamonds for the game, here's how to get the cheapest top up in Free Fire in India! Let's check out the most affordable options you can take.

Cheapest Top Up In Free Fire In India

As you already know, there are many ways to top up Diamonds for Free Fire. The most basic and easiest way to do so is from the in-game top-up center. However, the rate is here is fixed, and won't find many promotions that offer a better price for Diamonds.

Free Fire Characters Antonio Moco Hayato
Diamonds help you enjoy Garena Free Fire more!

The cheapest top-up option in Free Fire on the in-game top-up page is 50 Diamonds for 40 Rupees. It's also the base value for other third-party top-up stores to follow. Games Kharido, Codashop, and SEAGM all offer the same deal - 50 Diamonds for 40 Rupees.

But you can't actually do much with just 50 Diamonds. Few items come at this price range. The best bet if you want to increase the value of such a cheap top-up is from the Luck Royale segment. Paying 50 Diamonds to spin in order to get lucky and win an exclusive item is not a bad idea. However, it's RNG, which means the chance of you actually winning is slim.

How to Get Better Top-up Rates for Free Fire Diamonds?

So, can you find a better Free Fire cheapest Diamond top up in India? Fortunately, yes! If you're patient enough, you'll get lucky sometimes. Garena often introduces promotion programs, top-up events, and several other things that crank up the value of your Diamonds.

Free Fire Google Play Balance Promo
Top-up bonuses offer a much better deal!

Technically speaking, the Diamonds' value doesn't actually go up. But the value of your investment does! You can purchase more or better items at the same or even cheaper costs, thus, giving you better top-up rates for Free Fire Diamonds.

For example, an event offers a 100% bonus to any amount of currency you buy in Free Fire. Let's say you purchase the 50 Diamonds pack for 40 Rupees. Now, instead of getting just the 50 Diamonds, you also claim an additional 50 Diamonds more from the bonus! That's more bang for your buck! You have just boosted the value of 40 Rupees by 200%.

Diamond Top-up Events

Every once in a while, Garena will drop an event, offering players a chance to get more Diamonds for their purchases. They're Diamond top-up events, a long-awaited series of events. Depending on various elements, Garena will introduce different discount rates or bonuses at these events.

Free Fire Maro Top Up
Diamond top-up events come very often in the game.

The highest discount bonus in a Diamond top-up event in Free Fire is 100%. Players can double the Diamonds they get from all packages in the op-up center. However, a 100% bonus is rare and only happens once or twice a year.

Other in-game top-up events offer less value but happen more commonly. They often provide players an opportunity to get a 40-60% discount on Diamonds or get new characters/pets/bundles before they're available in the store.

The latest top-up event in Free Fire is the Less is More event, which is currently ongoing.

Free Fire Less Is More Event Featured
Join Free Fire's Less is More event right now!

The Less is More event kicked off on June 2nd, 2021, and will run 4 more days until June 8th, 2021. During this duration, players will receive different discount rates based on the remaining amount of currency they have in their accounts. More specifically, the fewer Diamonds you have, the higher the discount will be.

However, players must note that they can only purchase the 520 Diamonds pack from the Less is More event. Also, the maximum discount for the package is 60%, if players have 0-49 Diamonds left in their accounts.

Less Is More Event
Buy 520 Diamonds with a 60% discount!

It may be a good time now to use up the remaining Diamonds and get yourself some more in Free Fire!

Games Kharido

Games Kharido is a third-party top-up website for Garena Free Fire that offers a year-round bonus of 100%. Every player using its services for the first time has access to a 100% bonus on the first purchase only.

Games Kharido Bonus
Purchase Diamonds for the first time from Games Kharido to get a 100% bonus!

Players also have to use Paytm as the payment method to activate this top-up offer. That's the Free Fire cheapest Diamond top up in India 2021. You won't find a deal better than this!

So, there you have it, the cheapest top up in Free Fire in India as of 2021. Now the choice is up to you: whether to top-up from the in-game store or from Games Kharido. But either way, don't sleep on your chance to get more bang for your buck!

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