Garena has been buffing old characters in the last two patches so that they can be more competitive against the newer ones. While some buffs are minor, others literally change how the character is used. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 characters who received the best buffs in Free Fire, especially in the most recent updates OB27 and OB28.

5 - Kelly The Swift (OB27)

Kelly the Swift's ability has presented much more often in the pro scene, ever since her powerful awakening ability was fused with the base +6% speed boost. Moving fast in Free Fire is very important - you need to be mobile in order to weave in and out of covers, flanking and retreating.

Kelly Free Fire
Kelly's skill becomes very popular due to its speed bonus alone.

The extra damage shots of Kelly's awakening skill are just the cherry on top as it is fairly hard to use.

4 - Wukong (OB27)

Wukong was pretty much a joke character in the past. His ability has so long a cooldown that you can only cast it twice per match at best... and shapeshifting into a bush is not really useful, especially if you are in a building.

Free Fire Wukong
Wukong's ability cooldown is pretty much removed.

However, OB27 has pretty much removed the ability's cooldown. It is now refreshed after the player makes just one kill. Players can now set up ambushes by disguising as a harmless object.

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3 - Clu (OB28)

Clu has one of the few active abilities that does not give any substantial advantage to players - it neither heals nor deals extra damage. The only thing Tracing Steps provides is information... and even that can be countered by just squatting.

Clu Free Fire
Clu's ability affect a larger area, which means a much higher chance of detecting enemies.

In OB28, Garena buffs Tracing Steps' area of effect by a whopping 40%. Players should be able to detect the movement of enemy squads much easier now. Furthermore, you only need level 1 of the ability to share the results with your teammates.

2 - Paloma (OB28)

Paloma was fairly useless in the past, with her ability only work on AR ammo. This means it has literally no effect if you decide to use guns other than ARs. In the newest patch, Garena has decided to change that, with the skill picking up all ammo instead of just AR.

Paloma's buff eliminates ammunition weight - you now have free spaces to carry other things.

This gives the player a decent amount of space to use for something more useful, like bringing healing items for example.

1 - Maxim (OB27)

Maxim used to be considered the most useless character in the game... but after OB27, Maxim is no longer the weakest. His skill is now picked up by both pros and amateurs alike. The best part about Maxim's Gluttony is that it cuts down the medkit activation time significantly. With this skill, you can just duck into cover, quickly heal then come right back into combat.

Maxim Free Fire
Maxim's OB27 buff was really impactful - enough to get him picked in competitive.

While Gluttony's bonus only cut about 3 seconds from the activation, it is still very impactful. In a heated fight, even one second matters. With this change, Maxim clearly receives the best buffs in Free Fire in this update.

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