The first international event of 2021's Free Fire Competitive Season has just concluded on May 30th in Singapore. The final stage of the tournament saw a dominance of the Thai team - Phoenix Force. They claimed the first spot in the chart with 4 BOOYAH!s out of 6 matches. Here's what you need to know about our new world champions - Phoenix Force Free Fire!

Who is Phoenix Force Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire has become a lucrative scene to support Esports players around the world to make a sizeable career. And every year, the best of the best gather in one place to compete for the title of the World Championship. And in 2021, that title belongs to Phoenix Force.

Ffws Standings
FFWS 2021 Finals took place in Singapore.

The Phoenix Force is a fictional entity that appeared in Marvel Comics. It's one of the oldest known entities in the entire universe, representing life that hasn't been born yet. Over the course of time, the Phoenix Force scouts the galaxy to find itself a host.

The most famous host of the Phoenix Force is Jean Grey, a telepathic mutant. At one point, the Phoenix Force also finds 5 other X-men members and converts them into its host for immense power. They are Colossus, Magik, Cyclops, Namor, and Emma Frost.

Perhaps by naming their Free Fire team Phoenix Force, EVOS Esports want to indicate that their power rivals the strongest entities in the universe! That's quite a bold statement to make.

Phoenix Force Free Fire Which Country

Phoenix Force is a Thai Free Fire team, owned by EVOS Esports. The team finished first in the regional qualifier to join the FFWS 2021 Singapore as the number one seed from Thailand. And as expected, they dominated the Finals and claimed the ultimate BOOYAH!

Ffws 2021 Singapore Phoenix Force Rolster
Phoenix Force is the new champions of the FFWS!

Phoenix Force Free Fire Team Rolster

Joining the FFWS 2021 Singapore, Phoenix Force brought over 6 members:

  • LUKZ

All team members of Phoenix Force are elite gamers in the realm 0f Garena Free Fire. The team played with utter discipline and seamless cohesion. They fought exceptionally well in the Finals Stage, taking 4 BOOYAHS out of 6 matches. That's a 66.66% win rate in a World Championship!

Phoenix Force in FFWS 2021 Singapore

The Thai team gave a very convincing and dominant performance in the FFWS 2021 Singapore. Out of 6 matches in the Finals Stage, Phoenix Force won four and also managed to secure second and third in the remaining two.

Phoenix Force bagged a total of 48 kills, more than any other team in the Finals. They rightfully claimed first place in FFWS 2021 with 113 total points. In comparison, that's 36 points more than the team in second place.

Ffws 2021 Singapore Phoenix Force
Phoenix Force gave a very convincing and dominant performance in the FFWS 2021 Singapore.

Being the player who has the most kills in the FFWS 2021 Singapore with 23 frags, Phoenix’s Piyapon “TheCruz” Boonchuay takes home the MVP title of the tournament.

In the interview after the tournament, TheCruz said team Phoenix Force's results surpassed their expectations. "I thought we could make it to the top three, but we ended up becoming the champions.", he adds.

For winning the championship, Phoenix Force brings home the Grand Prize of $500,000, one-fourth of the tournament prize pool of $2,000,000.

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FFWS 2021 Singapore Results

Let's take a quick recap of the FFWS 2021 Singapore! The Free Fire World Series is the first global event of 2021's Competitive Season organized by Garena. The tournament took place in Singapore, inviting the 22 best teams from 14 regional series in the first half of 2021.

Ffws 2021
The tournament peaked at 5.4 viewers!

The tournament ended with 6 final matches on the classic Battle Royale maps: Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory. It was total domination from the Thai representatives, taking kills and winning on all fronts. They create a huge gap that was impossible for other squads to follow.

FFWS 2021 Singapore Overall Standings

Here are the final standings of the tournament:

  1. Phoenix Force – 113 points
  2. LOUD – 77 points
  3. Silence – 73 points
  4. Fluxo – 59 points
  5. HQ Esports – 55 points
  6. Burst The Sky – 41 points
  7. Team Aze – 37 points
  8. EVOS Divine – 34 points
  9. Geek Fam – 27 points
  10. VIP Esports – 27 points
  11. First Raiders Bravo – 27 points
  12. LGDS -14 points
Ffws Standings Final
FFWS 2021 Final Standings

Phoenix Force came in hot to claim first place on the chart, boasting an impressive score of 113. LOUD finished second with 36 fewer points than the top team. Following closely is team Silence with 73 points.

FFWS 2021 Singapore Rewards

The tournament has a total prize pool of $2,000,000. The championship team, Phoenix Force, brings home a reward of $500,000. The second-place team, LOUD, earns $250,000. Silence Esports takes $100,000, the same as team Fluxo in 4th place.

Other teams in the tournament earn $40,000 to $90,000 depending on their standings.

Ffws Champions
The championship team, Phoenix Force, brings home a reward of $500,000.

That's everything you need to know about Phoenix Force Free Fire Esports. They are the reigning champions of the Free Fire World Series 2021. If you like our article here, be sure to hop on over to our website at for more!

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