Pets are an essential system in Free Fire, with players using various pets whose skills can supplement their play styles. While pets' abilities are nowhere near as strong as the ability of an actual character, they can provide a couple of useful extra effects. Snipers can definitely make use of these skills.

In this article, we would list the top 5 best pets for snipers in Garena Free Fire.

5 - Dr. Beanie

The newest pet Dr. Beanie, included in Free Fire Advance Server OB28 is definitely going to be a useful addition to a sniper build. His ability "Dashy Duckwalk" buffs the movement speed while crouched by 30/45/60% at level 1/2/3. As snipers often crouch or prone, the extra movement speed is really useful for moving around and reposition.

Dr. Beanie's descriptions
Dr. Beanie is a baby duck wearing a jacket, beanie and knapsack.

With his ability, you can also make use of weapons like the LMGs as well.

4 - Rockie

While Rockie is usually considered a support pet, the versatility of his ability still allows a sniper player to get some benefit. With Rockie's ability active, the cooldown of your active ability would be reduced by 15% (at max level). This lets you use whatever ability you picked much more frequently - from Chrono's shield to Alok's healing aura.

Free Fire Rockie Pet
The little guy is dressed out in a punk rock set of clothing, including a blue mohawk and a leather jacket.

3 - Detective Panda

Heals are always useful, as even 1 HP could make a difference sometimes. This is why Detective Panda is among the best pets for snipers. By using this pet, you would get up to 10 extra HP for each kill, which is decent in dealing with the chip damage.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda gives you some extra heal in combat.

Detective Panda's ability actually works on all weapons - you can change your gun at any time without having to worry about this skill.

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2 - Falcon

Falcon is the first flying pet in the game, and one of the most popular pets ever released. His ability "Skyline Spree" is vital in ranked mode - it increases you and your teammates' gliding and diving speed exponentially. This lets your squad perform land first and have the first share of the loot on the map.

Players can take advantage of Falcon's ability to lay traps for their slower enemies.

There is a lot of advantages for landing first - you can do various things before the enemy squads can react.

1 - Mr. Waggor

The Penguin pet Mr. Waggor is leading the top pets for snipers, which has an ability that would give you access to an unlimited supply of Gloo Grenades. This enables sniper players to create their own cover at any time without having to worry about wasting a Gloo Grenade.

Mr. Waggor
Smooth Gloo provides the user with an unlimited amount of Gloo Wall

In the later phases of the match when the play area gets restricted, Gloo Walls are vital. Sniper players need a good cover to exchange fires.

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