Sometimes, all it takes is a small moment to change the entire course of your Free Fire match. You will be surprised by how dramatic an impact those little details can make. Today, we'll dig deep into a play that most players overlook with the Gloo Wall. The Gloo wall’s basic purpose is to defend players against enemy attacks. However, with a touch of creativity, you can really push that same equipment to its full potential.

10 Gloo Wall Tricks to Up Your Gameplay in Free Fire

1. Breaking Falls

You can use the Gloo Wall to break falls. This trick requires at least 1 Gloo Wall grenade and high elevation. Strategically place the Gloo Wall below you and jump on it. If the ground is lower, spawn multiple Gloo Walls below your previously placed one.

1 1 2
Break falls with Gloo Walls

2. Pushing Out Enemies

When spotting an enemy standing near a window, spawn a Gloo wall within the structure right behind them to push them outwards. Then carry on with your guns!

2 1 2
Push your enemies to a clear position

3. Climbable Gloo

Need to go upwards, but there's no stair nearby? Use your Gloo Wall instead. You can create your own staircase by Gloo Walls next to another structure. This trick works best in a squad, where multiple people can use their resources at once. Watch out for the fall though.

3 1 2
Climb buildings with Gloo Walls

4. Gloo Bridge

Place the Gloo Walls next to each other and you'll have a bridge to get to the other side. But, remember that you can only spawn 3 Gloo Walls at most.

4 1 2
Use Gloo Walls to close your gap

5. Short Defense

We all know that Gloo Walls are great for defenses, but let's take it to a new level. Strategically place them a bit more inwards to create a shorter wall. Then close in and rain down on your enemies. 

5 1 2
Place Gloo Walls wisely

6. Hilarious Shut-in

This next trick is quite difficult to pull-off. The idea is to block the enemy and trap them within a corner with your Gloo Walls. Now all you need is a grenade to finish the kill.

6 1 2
Trap your enemies and finish with a grenade

7. Tactical Gloo Wall Barrier

In case your enemies come with launchers, use Gloo Walls tactically and place them down right in front of your opponents. The AOE damage will affect them only.

7 1 1
Fence off launcher damage

8. Double Wall

If your enemies have the high ground, use the Double Wall trick to fence off the assault. It can also block their vision so you can reposition and fight back.

8 2
Place Gloo Walls to form a tall barrier

9. Drag and Place 

The Gloo Wall is a great utility to have, but sometimes it's really sketchy to use. Drag the fire button first then place a Gloo Wall to make sure it's on the ground.

9 2
Drag down to place

10. Crouch and Place Down

This is a favorite of pro players in Free Fire. Notice how they crouch before placing down Gloo Walls. Not only does this prevents you from getting shot in the head, but it also makes the Gloo Wall placement faster and more accurate.

10 2
Crouch to place Gloo Walls fast