In Free Fire's 3 years run, there have been a great many bundles getting added and removed from the game. As removing a bundle they have created is a waste, Garena has created the Magic Cube Shop. It enables players to get older sets that they wouldn't be able to get otherwise by exchanging magic cubes.

In this article, we would list out the top 10 best magic cube bundle in Free Fire 2020.

10 - Star General Bundle

Introduced way back in January 2019, the Star General bundle is probably amongst the best futuristic sets in Free Fire. This bundle probably took inspirations from the futuristic uniforms of a starship captain.

The whole set is pretty ornate, with gold trimmings and purple/grey theme. The best part of the bundle is probably the hat - a police-style piece of costume with a visor equipped.

Star General Bundle
Star General Bundle

9 - Valkyrie Bundle

A female hybrid costume inspired by the armor of the various cultures in the ancient world. There are so many wrong things about this set, but it looks good and has a low sexy neckline... which are the main criteria for this list.

Overall, while the name of the set, Valkyrie, is a minor Norse god, the headpiece is Greece while the body armors are Roman... which literally makes no sense at all.

Valkyrie Bundle
Valkyrie Bundle

8 - Crazy DJ Bundle

This futuristic bundle was released more than a year ago, in August 2019. Overall - the set is a purple jumpsuit with high tech belt, boots and gloves. The main draw of Crazy DJ is the hair and blue glasses - which look absolutely striking when combined with the blue jacket.

This set is the best fit when you are using Alok, who's a real life DJ.

Crazy DJ
Crazy DJ Bundle

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7 - Golden Bell Bundle

The Golden Bell "zombie" bundle is based on the Chinese Zombie legends, with evil spirits possessing corpses and get back to life to drain blood from the living. This bundle is based on the Government uniform of the Chinese Qing dynasty, which is blue. It also comes with a pointy hat as well.

This bundle was released about one year ago, in November 2019.

Golden Bell
Golden Bell Bundle

6 - The Colossus Bundle

This bundle is pretty much a futuristic power armor, with the players covered from head to toe in a special powered suit. Overall, it is still pretty light armor, as the lower torso the legs are not really covered.

Overall, this bundle is perfect to accompany the best-looking futuristic gun skins in Free Fire. It was also released during November last year.

The Colossus
The Colossus Bundle

5 - Empress Divine Bundle

While wearing next to nothing is sexy... covering yourself from head to toe in armor is also pretty beautiful in a different way. The Empress' Divine bundle cover your character in plate armor, with decorative red clothes. The wings motif is most prevalent in this bundle, with both the helmets, shoulder and gloves decorated with them.

The whole thing is also super ornate, with golden decorations all over.

Empress Divine Bundle
Empress Divine Bundle

4 - Night Clown Bundle

If you want to cosplay as a murderous clown like the Joker in Batman or Pennywise in IT, the Night Clown set is the top choice. The Night Clown in decked out in purple and blue, with a genuine devious face and spiked hair.

The face is probably the most striking part of the bundle, as it changes the facial structure of the character completely - you can notice that your characters' chin is really long.

Night Clown Bundle
Night Clown Bundle

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3 - Sexy Bunny Bundle

Nothing beats the classic sexy bunny suit - and Free Fire's Sexy Bunny Bundle is here for your viewing pleasure. When equipped with this bundle, your character would wear a leotard and long stockings, a red wig, and a pair of bunny ears.

This is completely out of place on the battlefield but that's what makes this bundle great.

Sexy Bunny Bundle
Sexy Bunny Bundle

2 - Kings' Sword Bundle

The Male version of Divine Empress Bundle - King's Sword... looks absolutely fabulous, with armored plates from head to toe. This is amongst the biggest bundles in the game and you would become a big, shining target on the battlefield.

Kings' Sword Bundle
Kings' Sword Bundle

1 - Bloodlust Mistress Bundle

This set is overall one of the sexiest Bundle ever released in the game. The player character wearing the bundle is decked out in a female set with a low neckline corset and leotard. Her skins and hair are turned into a deadly grey shade as well - perfect for an undead character.

To this day, Free Fire has not managed to release any set as simple and sexy as this one.

Bloodlust Mistress Bundle
Bloodlust Mistress Bundle

Below is the trailer for the bloodlust mistress set, the Best Magic Cube Bundle In Free Fire 2020.

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